Connection Issues

My wifi is incredible. I have two people living with me that work home office, so it has to be. My computer is average. I have hardly had problems in the past with overwacth lagging. Until Summer games 2018.
The lag is so bad, that I can only make it playable by minimizing my screen to the smallest possible option and putting my graphics and render scale extremely low. I lose connection at least once a play session (about 4 hours). My friend I typically play with, who has an even better computer and therefore better graphics and average wifi loses connection at least 6 times a play session and lags on and off.
Please tell me Blizzard is doing something to fix these problems, I’ve seen others complaining about them too!

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What you’re describing sounds like a packet loss issue, which causes the disconnect. As for the summer games update, it could be coincidence. Most of the threads on the forum (I normally post in Tech Support) are issues on ISPs or home networks, and usually not Blizzard unless they have a major outage, which they report. Follow the tips in this thread:

And then if you’re still having problems, make a new thread in the Tech Support forum with WinMTR results for us to look at.

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finally looked into this, none of it has made a difference

Looked into what? Where are the test results? :face_with_monocle: