Connection issues Sept/7/2019

Putting my two cents in to say it may have very well been a DDOS attack. The realms on World of Warcraft Classic were/are getting hit pretty hard, most notably the PvP servers where many of the streamers play.

Here’s what was just recently posted by a Customer Support agent on the WoW forums:

Yes folks, there are issues.

And no, I’m not going to give virtual terrorists any exposure by going into more details.

Being worked on.

Thank you for your patience.


Classic wow just got hit. All the servers are “low” and no one can login xD

Elevator music

Will you be restoring SR to those who were affected by this issue?

then close ranked until you fixed this… how about that??

i had people leave the game because of that …

The problem is that they have to close it down for everyone worldwide. Not everyone worldwide is necessarily having this issue. (Though it is affecting a good portion of the community in North American and in Europe.) Also, this is not specifically a matter of the servers themselves, but how players connect to the servers.

This is not possible. See this post for more details:

Source: Overwatch Technical Issues, SR Loss, and Leaver Penalties

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As a follow up BlizzardCS of Europe did tweet this out just now:

I believe there is a similar problem for parts of North America but there is no official confirmation from Blizzard CS of North America.

I get the feeling pinning this temporarily might be the best idea. I’m seeing many identical topics pop up about the same subject.

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Pinned or unpinned, the topics will still show up. Things like this I rather keep the main thread going and let people’s eyes be attracted to the Blizz logo displayed in the thread title, versus blending in with the rest of the pinned threads.


Just keep bumping every 15-30mins or so. But dont make it spam so its on topic.

Tis the old way of keeping topics relevant.

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Updates from Blizzard:

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My game just went from 17ms to a steady 65ms. Literally unplayable for me but others said their pings were fine.


I lost like 3x50 a few months ago, the hero just stopped moving, screen went black for a while and threew me back into the lobby then instantly gave leaver penalty. A lot of others had this issue in my region, of course Blizzard never admitted it was a server side error. Funny enough a week has passed and I haven’t had any issue like that ever since and nothing changed on my pc, not even drivers.
Fun stuff.

It seems you are right. It is a DDOs attack, the Overwatch League channel on Twitch just went down.

I hope whoever is behind the DDoS attacks are dealt with accordingly.


Stay strong, Blizzard!

The servers are stable but my dps are still horrible, please fix them…

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Next PTR patch notes show that they will be matching all teams with OWL and GM level DPS.

People already know who this guy is, he is stupid enough to not make sure his IP was secure, people are posting links of his facebook and his what city he lives in.
He probably won’t be working at McDonalds as a manager for much longer if the company becomes aware they have hired a criminal.