Congrats Blizzard (Mercy)

I highly doubt this. There will always be bottom tier heroes because there will always be a meta. The only difference is Mercy doesn’t need to be a part of all of them.

But the bottom tier won’t be literally uplaybel hene why I said no one would be below C tier.
How did you not catch that?

When they delete aimbot, wallhacks, and one shots

Because even if they are “C tier” if they are bottom barrel they are also “F tier”

C tier would imply being medicore picks but at least can be made to work with the right hands and a strategy that is semi niche but not toally out of left field.
D tier is below that and F is literally unplayable where Mercy has never been as she never will with decent healing.
C tier should be the mimimum goal for all heroes.
So yes give Mercy a buff that increases her skill cieling, we both get what we want.

Either that or you can just go back to CS:GO if the eixstance of lower skill floor heroes offends you so much.

Resurrect lowers your skill ceiling because it rewards you for failing to heal somebody.

I don’t care if she got a burst heal or whatever just don’t tell me a tool to revert an earned death is needed because I do not believe it ever is.

Can you quote where I said I played CS:GO at all or are we just grasping at straws for insults once again?

You know what, go to Titaniums thread they go over in depth how Rez (mass rez) t least requires skill
And if you think becoming a statue within melee range of where someone died isn’t a skill check for the teams tanks then well.
Go read titaniums bit about it they have already debunked your non sense about rez being a skill cieling reduction.

There ya go, he had a piece about rez in there

I don’t care what other people have to say about it or if you could make it balanced it’s an ability I DO NOT WANT. We can argue this for months but no matter how you present this ability to me I will never like it.

Just like how you will never like the idea of it not existing anymore.

And you have literally no argument other then “muh picks” to argue agaisnt the ability existing somehow.

Mention Blizzard, you lost me.
Talk about Mercy, double whammy.

Then why did you take the time to post?

I told you I do not like an ability that reverts an earned death. It’s a cheap skill that I don’t like to see.

Again we can argue for months or we can just agree that we will never agree.

Because I’m feeling negative (sorry)
and I see Mercy threads a lot more than I should.

What about all the no skilll one shots like Rip tire in this game?

Fair enough, I guess

Don’t get hit by them.

“Just shoot her head before she rezes”
Wasn’t this a meme because of how bad a defence it was of Mass rez?
But it works for no skill one shotsl ike Rip tire

Did I not make it clear already that I do not care if it’s balanced? I hate the idea of the ability no matter how you place it on the table. How much more clear on this do I have to be?

Well then since this is a valid argument in the eyes of aall those posting against the Mercy players asking for a chance to the hero
“Go away it’s not happening so there’s no point arguing about it”

Blizzard said it’s a last resort. In my eyes that means it’s a possibility so yes, there is a point in posting my opinion on it.

Didn’t stop people with Scatter Arrow.