Confused about leaver system

My internet went out, I came back in a few minutes, won the game, and I’m still suspended and -50SR? What? I don’t care about the SR, that’s just 2 more games I get to win before the games get hard but still, why am I suspended?

I think Blizzard gave up on trying to fix the leaver system and just suspends anyone who leaves a game for any reason, even if they come back. People were abusing the 2min rejoin window to avoid punishment and annoy teams.

The first time is only 15mins and after 10 clean games lowers back to that. The first time is mostly just a warning though.


If you take too long to return, you still take the match loss on your record and still get suspended. This is intended. This is a competitive integrity rule because otherwise there would be bad situations where a person who deliberately leaves could try to return to avoid the penalty. Furthermore, penalizing those with technical issues feels cruel, but its to encourage players to avoid playing Competitive right away again without taking time to investigate and fix any persistent issues. Details on this policy can be found here:

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Is it 10 games for each penalty tier? I always wondered.

Like if I leave 3 games in a row, play 30 clean games, and leave 1 more my penalty will be 15 mins?

That would be correct.

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