Confirmed: Sigma nerf/Sombra buff on PTR


Yeah, it shares attributes of a deployable, but you still mentain some form of control like the attached barrier of Rein does.


Wow, that seems extreme to me but what do I know. I assume you mean hacking the shield directly and not Sigma? If so that essentially deletes Sigma from anything but double barrier and makes him an entirely binary pick. That seems off,


Why do people think it’s a bug? Reinhardt can’t access his shield when he’s hacked. It’s not like Sombra destroys sigma’s shield, she just forces him to put it away for 5 seconds and that’s if Sombra even manages to get a hack off


No, you hack Sigma directly and the barrier cancels. Just like the interaction with Reinhardt.


Mm, torb turret and TP act similarly to Sigma’s barrier. You could say they’re built objects, but I think they also follow deployable rules.


Oh, ok, thats better and I can roll with that. I play alot of sigma and that seems not totally ridiculous.


Turrets are an entire different thing. Turrets are actually weird when it comes to hack. You can hack Torbs turret as its own entitiy for instance, but not cancel it by hacking Torb. Then again you cant target Symm turrets for hack but you can hack them using EMP.


I’m referring to teleporter, not turrets


Well yeah, but also if Symm cancels TP it goes on cooldown, so the next one is a new TP and not the old with the same hp bar.


Destroys it to 0HP or just cancels it with current health remaining?


Same interaction like its hacking Reinhardt. The barrier takes no damage, but cant be used.


I mean it is a deployable, it’s not like Rein’s shield but more like a movable Orisa / Winston shield. It’s just a deployable with a very short cooldown.

Think Symmetra teleporter, or Sombra locator. They can both be destroyed / “retrieved” they just have a longer cooldown than Sigma’s shield.


It actually make sense since no other Tank as far as I can remember can deploy shields in a Hacked state. Correct me if I’m wrong btw.


No because they deploy entire new entities with their own new healthbar. Sigma is retreiving and deploying the same barrier which has only one hp bar and mentains any previous damage it took and has to recover when not used, which shares this property with Reins barrier.


I don’t like Sombra, but please god let this be true.


It shares properties with both Orisa shield and Rein barrier. It’s a weird mix.

But it is an entity all of it’s own that is deployed and stands alone from Sigma, unlike Reinhardt or Brig whose shields are quite literally attached to them.

IMHO it doesn’t make sense that it removes the shield and it should work just like Zen’s orb where he just can’t move targets anymore.

It further doesn’t make any sense because he has to press a button to “retrieve” or “deploy” the shield, which is what Sombra is stopping him from doing and should be how it functions.

This is just my opinion tho, but it definitely acts like a deployable just with the unique style of being able to be recalled at will.


We share this opinion. Its kind of a hybrid between deployable and “attached to” barrier.

I dont like this Sombra buff for reasons mentioned in my original post.


Just one of the many inconsistencies in game blizzard added over time; Brigs stun not going through barriers, sigma being able to block hook but not acceration, junkrats mines being both a projectile and deployable with all of their properties (deflectable, eatable, and shootable) and Lucio’s passive aura being hackable despite the fact you don’t need to press any buttons other than to switch or amp


This is too much and inconsistent with other deployable.
I hope it’s bug.


This is a fairly elegant solution. Economical, in that Blizzard doesn’t do what they usually do: design an entire hero to counter entire roles (Sombra, Moira, Doomfist, Brigitte). They save money and resources.

Efficient in that it resurrects an OG that hasn’t had a day in the sun in at least a year.

I like it.