Confirmed echo support hero

Check it out on twitter. The main leak account just leaked it. A Bastion rework is in the mists, Echo will be a future hero and a support, and the amount of CC is being monitored.

The account is Naeri. It’s all in another language but you can translate.

Echo isn’t the next hero, bastion is not getting a rework, we know echo isnt the next hero because jeff straight up told us in one of the streams he was on, echo is not hero 30, and in a more recent stream geoff told us that they dont have any reworks planned but if they were going to rework anybody it would be bastion


Meanwhile Blizzard did confirm Echo will not be the next hero. :grin:



Jeff said that Echo will not be Hero 30.

Geoff said that they are not looking at any major reworks currently, but if they would, it would be Bastion. He thinks having niche heroes like Bastion is a nice thing.

That tweet is all wrong.


He said echo wont be next… he also said Symmetra would be able to reliably tp her team out of gravatons soooo. Rule number one of traveling with the doctor… the Doctor lies, jeff is a timelord.

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Correction, future hero.

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Not really a Leak… when it was already part of the impromptu interview on live stream.

She can, as long as the opposing team works for Jeff and he orders them to not shoot until the teleporter is ready.

Im 99% sure that was geoff not jeff

Oh honey whats the difference

Well, they’re different people for one lol

Also they didn’t confirm a Bastion rework, just that he’d be the one to get it if and when they decide to do another. There are no plans for it ATM

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You say potato i say vodka

Being 2 entirely different people

Technically she can ,it’s just not all that plausible in an actual match.

But still ,his word was correct ,and I doubt he’d lie/be wrong about something as basic and straightforward as "who’s the next hero? "

You know what reliable means right?

Ever since the disaster that was the Sombra ARG, they’ve been pretty straight forward about new heroes, they definitely would not lie at this point.

He said that the next several heroes will be supports and echo will be one of those. Not really surprising that echo will be a support. She even has the hitbox for it.

I just hope that her playstyle will feel new and different from the other supports

Look at this quote.

Now tell me where he said reliable.

Can I get a link to that acc?