Concept Melee Hero for DPS

Made this up while taking a shower, high off a blunt. I was thinking, Genji is fun and all, but I kind of want a futuristic caestus/boxing glove wielding type hero who was more brawl than dive. Rate it from 1 to 5.

Hero Concept Name: “Leo”
Role: Damage

Passive, “Combo Fighter”: Connecting all 4 of the Primary Fire results in the last punch knocking back the enemy/enemies and setting them ablaze.

  • Wall impacts dealing increased damage and stunning the target(s), similar to Doomfist’s Rocket Punch and Orisa’s Javelin Spear.

Primary Fire (Left Click): Punch up to 5 times in succession, creating a small wave of energy ahead.

  • Only extends up to 5 meters.
  • Works similar to Doomfist’s hand cannon. As it reloads automatically, but can be used immediately after an ammo is restored.
  • Can be blocked.

Secondary Fire (Right Click): Hold to charge, then release to fire a wave of energy ahead.

  • Ranges from 6 to 20 meters.
  • Can be blocked.

Ability 1 (Left Shift): Quickly glide forward.

  • Range tops at 10 meters.
  • Glide speed would be around the same speed as Reinhardt’s Charge.
  • Invincible frames given during glide animation, similar to Akuma from Street Fighter.
  • Can be prematurely canceled.

Ability 2 (E-Key): Perform a quick low kick that damages and temporarily slows down the affected enemy.

Ultimate: Glide forward and upon contact, instantly kill the enemy.

  • Glide range tops at 10 meters.
  • Glide speed would be around the same speed as Reinhardt’s Charge.
  • Invincible frames given during glide animation.
  • Blacks out the target’s screen and shows a made up futuristic symbol with “DEATH” written underneath, and then pans to the kill cam showing the target’s body. (Pretty much another Akuma reference, lol)

That must’ve been hard to do baked. But no, that just sounds like some kind of doomfist 4.0 with faux firestrikes, and one of him is dookie enough.

I’m gonna have to say bad idea. :frowning_with_open_mouth:


That’s the thing about highdeas, they only sound good to high people.

If there is a bigger pandora’s box yall don’t wanna open, it’s a pure melee hero balanced for the Damage class.


No way you could trust this balance team with a melee DPS hero, he would be released absolutely broken, people would lose their minds and then he would be nerfed into obscurity.

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I have a concept for a hero that has a slam, punch, and uppercut ability


This already happened once. His name was Doomfist.

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A DPS hero using an oversized Sword’s inertia to propel themselves throught the battlefield is a better concept for DPS melee hero.

It sounds cool but I doubt it can work. Reaper struggles to keep close distance with most heroes in the game and he’s struggling pretty bad right now. Imagine a combo hero that HAS to land consecutive hits in enemies to work? Its too much work for very little impact. The thing about the combo is you cant stun players on hits on this game or its a miserable experience for everyone, just look at doom. He was changed to a tank for a reason

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Stun CC’s are no longer allowed on any OW2 DPS, so the stun component would have to go.

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Ever design a hero for a video game… on weed?

I know the forum is too young to get that reference. Don’t care, best stoner movie ever made.

Cheech and Chong? Spun? Was more of a Star Wars / Star Trek fan, so I’m lost on this one too.

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Half Baked :face_exhaling:

Called it :slightly_frowning_face:

Unfortunately, any sort of “melee” hero would not work in the Damage-role as they are far too much a glass-cannon to be an effective hero.

The better and more successful melee heroes have been Tanks. Reinhardt, Junker Queen.

Secondly, Doomfist already fulfills this archetype, and rather poorly. And this…

Won’t work. It needs to do damage, it needs to be area effect and it needs to have counterplay components.

Avoid the glide, that’s the counter play, lol.

Sounds like the dev team.

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Just observing half the heroes kit, my hero isn’t so far off so I agree with this statement :rofl: