Comprehensive Symmetra Rework Analysis (90+ 💙; Fix ideas w/ Visuals + Survey!)

what are you on about? Seriously, am I missing something?

nvm I misread,

but I am mad you stole that animation from ying in pladins

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Now, I am pleased.
Edit: So is it still OP or not? :smiley:

I think she was viable, but not in the sense some people consider a hero to be viable.

Most people consider an hero viable when pro players use them (even sparingly), and by this lens, Symmetra definitely wasn’t viable, but neither are two other heroes most people consider to be good and balanced: Soldier 76 and Reaper. And that’s before we touch the off meta heroes.

Symmetra was a ladder hero. Someone that was designed for non-FPS players to be able to compete on a FPS game. It makes sense, both design and gameplay wise that she would not be attractive to the FPS crowd. That’s also why so many Symmetra players had a tendency to play her primarily or exclusively. Not because they don’t want to be flexible, but because no other hero play like her.

Symmetra 1.0 was underpowered, but most of her weak points were fixed on Sym2. She was successful and viable at what she was designed to do, and that didn’t involved esports at all.


I think it’s mostly fine except how clunky the amout of inputs are

Putting my last imput here: 🤨 Part 3 and Finale: Time To Chill and Drop The Unfinished Hero: Sym (My Last Topic on the Matter; Ex-Sym Main) (Updated)

Where do I check that? What would the circle crosshair size be for her hitbox?

I was talking about gut feeling.
I think Moira’s hitbox is about (only) 10% bigger than Symmetra’s. It’s mostly about visuals. That’s what I got from my observations.

Woah. Weapon switching is clunky?

Seeing mercy? yes


I guess to each their own. I don’t mind it.

I must say, that by looking at the survey results so far, community is literally splitted in half when it comes to 2.0 vs 3.0. This is truly a bad sign. No matter which version Blizzard would focus on making viable, a similar amount of people would be dissatisfied. Making such an extreme rework was a mistake, now it will probably be impossible to satisfy everyone, no matter what they change about Sym.

It seems like most people that voted for the survey don’t want to see Symmetra take support slot on the team. That’s kinda underwhelming. I just can’t see how can Sym shine in such a large DPS roster. But perhaps it lies in fact that Blizzard’s supports were never considered fun or engaging by most of the people. Sigh.

There’s actually bigger amount of votes for 4.0 than I thought, I expected this option to be at 0. To see people wanting both versions deleted is quite disheartening to see.

And of course, 1.0 at comfortable 0%. Noone wants to see this monstrosity ever again. I sometimes wonder about how this lackluster design even got past the testing phase.

Anyways, what are your guys thoughts on all of this? Liking what you’re seeing?

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Well, to be fair… it kind of was in a low key under the table only known to her main players way.

I have lost count of how many times I’ve seen people scoff at 75 health for an ult. But I’ve also lost count of how many times I saw a teammate drop down far below half their health while ultimately surviving. Of course the team all saying on voice chat congrats to the healers and statements about how they had no clue how they survived while giving all the credit to the healers for saving them.

My shield gen may not have ever gotten the credit for those survivals that it had due, but those countless won games were my own form of self gratification.

Even at the GM level where quick but reliable aiming, and focused team fire, was an actual thing it had some value just from taking away one hit kills and making one more enemy waste a cooldown or two on one target. But anywhere else in the ladder where those things dropped off significantly the lower it goes?

Yeah, it was absolutely broken overpowered.

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Beta Symmetra was a beast, and got nerfed to the ground before launch. That’s how Sym1 got released, and why Blizzard is extremely cautious giving her any buffs.

That’s why my current stance is for Blizzard to revert Sym, create an entire new hero, and give that new hero Sym3 kit as it is (or vice versa). Ideally, in the same patch. Both versions are different enough that they can coexist, and you can focus their kits more towards support and DPS roles individually.

Eg, Sym2 turrets might deal much less damage, but reveal enemies hit by it, and maybe locking movement abilities if they are being hit by 3+ turrets. Meanwhile, Sym3 gets a better primary fire, 250 HP and stronger turrets.

Any other solution will be bound to make both halves of what left of Symmetra players unhappy. Some by thinking she changed too much, other by thinking she didn’t changed enough.

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I wasn’t talking about numbers. I was talking about design. A skill that is used 5 times and becomes unusable untill someone dies is a terrifyingly bad design. What was fun about it? It was OP, but not well thought. Not to mention everything else she did screamed “1st point defense”. Like how in the world devs didn’t think it was a bad idea. 3 charges on insta-dying turrets on 12 sec CD? What the hell…

Overall, there’s not much we can do about current Sym state. And making new character for one of her kits would make just as big outrage as this rework did.

Neither was I. Beta Sym had some blatant flaws that needed adjustments, but Photon Barrier was so blatantly powerful it scared Blizzard from buffing her problems, and instead focused on nerfing her unfairly strong parts. By the time the game launched, Sym didn’t got enough iterations to make it in time.

IMO, Sym2 is the result of the feedback from Beta Sym, and landed in a place the devs wanted her to fill (few months prior to the second rework, they said that Sym would require at best minor updates), but the community opinion on Sym had settled based on Sym1, and they never rejudged her again. Many complaints about Sym2 were literally weaknesses of Sym1 that were fixed, like the “only useful for first point defense” bit, which was a direct consequence of Teleporter being almost useless for a second point defense team because the spawn rooms were too close to the point.

Also IMO, Sym3 is the devs changing her entire kit in a tentative to clear her slate and make people judge her fairly again. It worked partially, but then there is also the opposite problem of people praising Sym3 for stuff she can’t do, but was the ballpark of Sym2. Eg, Like being able to “deal with Genji” with her beam.

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I made a quick image of how big the primary fire’s hit box would be. Would this be to big?
h ttps://

remove space between h and t

You have to host the image in the internet before sharing the adress, this adrees is from your PC we cant look at your PC files :man_shrugging:

fixed the problem

here is the suggested hitbox size for her primary
h ttps://

remove space between h and t

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Also, Moira’s like 3/4 of that, if not 1/2 of the size you posted.

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