Competitve penalty

I don’t think any developer would read this, but I just want to share this story and maybe know what is the reason behind what happened to me early today. I was in a competitve game (OpenQ), then my power went off for several minutes. When I was finally able to boot my pc back, I’ve joined the competitve once again. We manage to hold Hanamura point B for 5 minutes, but when the game ended I lost 50 SR and I was suspended for 15 minutes. Why, tho? I thought that this would happen if you leave a game and, for any reason, the game ends or you do not rejoin it. But I was able to come back in time and support my team. They have understood my problem. So, why punish me in that way? I am able to play a lot less nowadays, and I’ve played OW since D1, both on console and now on PC. This thing never happen to me. May I have any explanation? It is not for the SR, but I would rather know why the system automatically punish “”“leavers”"", despite in that case I was able to rejoin the game and win that match. If this issue is rather unknown to the team, this feedback my provide something to work on.

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You were gone for longer than two minutes which is too impactful for the state of the match. After the two-minute mark from the time you leave, your teammates have the option to forfeit and leave the match without penalty.

If this was a one-time power outage issue, my advice is not worry about it. Your suspension should already be over by now. If you know you are playing in a situation where technical issues like power outages are common, you should avoid the Competitive Play mode. All penalties for such issues will apply and are intended for not only direct leavers, but those who are negligent of such technical issues.

No, the problem is not a common occurance, it was a one of a kind situation. I didn’t know that the penalty is inflicted after the 2 minutes marker, I just thought that if they didn’t leave, then if I rejoin the game resumes normally. I think that it’s fair, but in that specific case my team wasn’t penalized enough to make them lose. Usually it is, but in that situation it wasn’t. Anyway, I’ll keep that in mind for future matches. It made me a little angry that I got penalized for something that wasn’t my fault, because we end up winning and I was able to rejoin before anyone of my team leaves. Anyway, thanks for the reply and for explaining me your policy.

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