Competitive still bugged please fix

I have been playing with a group of people constantly. Most of us had the Bronze 5 bug. As soon as Blizzard announced it was fixed. It was fixed for everyone I play with except me. I have a better win rate then most of them, better stats and they are all ranking up extremely fast silver gold while I am still stuck in Bronze. Today I hit Bronze 3, THREE TIMES in a row on promos. What do I do to have Blizzard fix my bugged account. I am getting super irritated and probably just going to uninstall soon at this point. I only play with friends too.


Basically an identical situation, same group of friends played with, as I have better stats, and wins than them as well, and we had played together, they never had the bug initially as I did but I don’t believe it’s only a “bronze” bug

It’s 100% a competitive rank bug, as I’ve been sitting on silver 5 until managing 42 wins and 9 losses, finally boosting me to silver 4, while my friends I had been playing with are all platinum 4 and that is due to waiting for me as they rank up after every 7 so now we are stuck again not being able to play together because I some reason have to play 6 times as many wins just to get 1 rank, while they move by 2-3 tiers.

I wonder if it’s due to some merged accounts and certain rankings on other platforms or something else, just know this isn’t a “in denial” player thinking I should be somewhere else. The stats every game speak for themselves.

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I have alot of salt in my mouth after today and it not working, I wish I didn’t spend money on the battle pass cause I actually want to uninstall and walk away from the game as this point. Really disappointed.


Yeah I feel you on that. I put a lot of time and effort in each match, trying hard and being peaceful knowing I have some actual teammates that are bronze when I get randoms, knowing they are struggling, and as frustrating as it is I’m never toxic towards them because they are not doing much of anything at all. But I do know this rank is painfully ridiculous and it makes no sense to keep winning and getting the same rank.

I got silver 5, 5 times in a row, and when I finally got silver 4 on 6th 7 win, thought it was done, but behold, just went 7 - 0, with a very high elim to death ratio match every game.

And what do you know. Silver 4 again.

At the point now where even though I’m playing with a group of friends some are starting to pass in rank high gold low plat while I’m still Bronze 2 even though we always play as a group. Just won 7 games lost 1 only went from b3 to b2 which I killed it and got b3, 3 times in a row before that. I’m positive in wins, I don’t get it. I feel bad for the bronzers that are actually bronze especially since we roll them so badly sitting in spawn. Out of those 7 games none of them even won a round no jokes either I verified with my history.