Competitive Season 26 Extension

I didn’t complete my placements for S26 yet. What happens if I do them now? I suppose competitive points are “consumable” :frowning:

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i don’t think that’s what he meant… lol ‘wink’

Mentioned non consumable rewards, could you clarify that further?

like are they the kind of stuff unlock-able from loot boxes or is there going to be exclusive sprays and such to commemorate this bizarre occassion?

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Simply not playing any competitive mode when you obviously have problems staying in the game multiple times sounds like something that actually is in your control.


well first of all maybe u got banned for a reason and they did talk to us ? Did u not read the start of this Discussion ?

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Better to let you know of this bad news now, if an account has been banned for the season in Competitive Play mode, all end-of-season rewards are forfeited. If you accumulate 3 season bans, it will be a permanent ban from the Competitive Play mode as well.

If you refer to disconnections or game crashes, please take the time to troubleshoot them. All technical issues will be penalized appropriately as there is no way to discern technical issues from crashes or disconnection forcefully created by the user in an attempt to evade leaver penalties. Click here for details on this policy.

Connection Troubleshooting

Lock ups and Crashes Troubleshooting


Just out of curiosity, how about us slackers that didn’t bother to play comp, but who did login right after the season was supposed to start.
Obviously they didn’t get any reward screen as there was nothing to reward, so do those people have a couple days time to do the placements and get the points?

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I hope too lol. Let’s hope so

at this point they just dont care how hard can it be to fix this? a week? seems kinda too long ngl

Are you serious??? I need the competetive points so bad to finally get my golden weapon for bap :sob::sob::sob:

If I didn’t do any placements yet can I still do them and get competitive point rewards for this season over the weekend?

if i win some games during the extension do i still keep the competitive points earned from those wins?

I would love to see bigger changes between seasons. Right now their isnt much point to the seasons besides earning arbitrarily blocked bursts of competitive points for gold guns most people already own anyway for their mains. More drastic innovative changes and perhaps more unique season rewards would be nice. Perhaps a shop for competitive points where you can buy unique skins only available in comp. Right now all the seasons just feel like a blur. Longer seasons with hard mmr resets would be nice, and bringing back a decay system would also be nice instead of the 3900 cap.

Is this like The Infinite Hotel paradox of ranking?!

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any chance you could enlighten us on what the technical issue was?

I also got banned a couple of days ago. Internet connection in Ireland is really bad. Now all rewards that I casually enjoyed for this season are lost. It seems Overwatch is not for me.

Frustrated I shall walk away and find another game that wants me. This game is too focused on Overwatch 2 to even care anyway.

Goodbye community. Goodbye Blizzard.

Your end-of-season SR will be the value reached at the updated end of Season 26 next Tuesday, i.e. there are no SR reversions.

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Nope! Took us a minute to get the leaderboard back up - Should be visible now.

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If you did not receive your Competitive Points when loading into the game after the original end of Season 26, you’ll receive your rewards next Tuesday when the extended season ends.

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To clarify questions surrounding Top 500 rewards and the extension of the season: If you were within Top 500 and already received your rewards, you will keep those rewards. Those who were not able to claim their rewards between the original end of season and extension will need to maintain Top 500 through the end of the extension in order to receive Top 500 rewards on Tuesday when Season 26 comes to an end.

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