Competitive S09 - won't go up rank tier

Adding this since its different to the known issues.

This has happened to me all season, but only this time have I paid close attention and recorded it.
As of this season, I have had games where I should go up a rank tier, e.g. from plat 4 to plat 3, and did not. I was at 95% in plat 4, got 17% or so and didnt rank up to plat 3, just filled the bar to 100%. I then won another game and got the same green segment at the top of plat 4, saying I’d gone up 1% with a total progress of 0% and didn’t rank up to plat 3. A day later, I lost my first game of comp, lost 17% and it put me at plat 4 with progress 3% - it just restarted me in plat 4 again. I then won my next game, gained 21% and am now sitting at plat 4 24% - I haven’t ranked up.

This has happened to me all season - at first I genuinely thought it just filled up to 100% and then made you win again before it ticked over to the next tier within a rank but that doesn’t look like the case.

When I noticed the 1% gain I started taking photos of my screen with my phone, I can provide if required as it won’t let me put links in here