Competitive rank worst after my 7 wins

I did my seven victory and my rank become worst. it says I leave a game but I was in a loading screen and after 4 min when I finally leave this loading screen I was kicked for inactivity. I think the ranks are miscalculated because I’m an old overwatch player and I don’t think I deserve to be bronze 3 and now bronze 4. I play Mercy by the way so if it’s calculate the rank with my damage and my kill change this. I’m busy enough healing my teammates for not shoot the enemy.



Well first things first, if you are an old overwatch player and haven’t played in a long time you probably are very rusty and will end up a lot lower. 7 wins(or 20 losses) updates your rank. It can go up or down or stay the same it just means the system adjusts where you are currently.

The amount of SR is calculated by multiple things including amount healed, damage boost, rez etc.

I probably rusty yes, but I heal 90% of the game I can’t do better.

Rank gains/losses are going to be based on your performance compared to other players using that same hero within a similar rank range. Playing on Mercy at that rank is going to dedicate you to basically have to be a healbot unless you’re a REALLLLLLY good Mercy player that got placed way wayyyy too low (think a GM Mercy who got bugged into Bronze that can go around and pistol a bunch of Bronze players because they can’t aim).

Also, because the ranked system was bugged and placing a lot of players in way too low ELOs by mistake, the data pool is currently skewed. You have players that were even in the Top 500 who got placed in Bronze 5 because of a bug so you’re having your performance erroneously compared to these players who should not have been there in the first place.

As of right now, just do your best and hope Comp data gets balanced out in the next week or two. If you can, maybe try playing a hero like Moira until you get out of Bronze since she can get a lot of value very easily at that rank. I’m not sure but your performance could look better on her which will make the game rank you up faster.

Sorry for the long reply but hope it helps and good luck!

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I feel you but realistically healing constantly isn’t going to get you out. Your Blue beam useage is probably what is holding you back. I suggest watching the ML7 series on Mercy to get some great info on using her and other game fundamentals to solidify your knowledge. Cheers!


+1 for use more blue beam. I just don’t know how much value you’ll actually see out of it at Bronze 4. Climbing with Mercy at that level is just going to be a nightmare TBH because you can’t do much.

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happend to me twice now 7/3 & 7/2 held at silver 1

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