Competitive progress drops even when winning

I’ve been having an issue for a good while where I can’t progress properly in competitive play, it was more evident while playing the support role where I couldn’t get out of bronze 5 (I know I’m not a good player but I feel like that isn’t my rank) but with the new rank system I confirmed that something was off because I went 8-2 in the 10 placement games and was placed in bronze 1 but some games after that I lost progress even when WINNING a game, I don’t understand if my account was flagged or something because my account has not had behaviour issues (I have screenshot evidence of this).

I’ve had the same issue, I should have promoted from Gold 5 as I won multiple games straight and it told me I gained “107%” and then was dropped back to the bottom of Gold 5. This has happened twice and I think I should be Gold 3 by now.

I’m not sure if this is related: