Competitive overwatch ban due to internet failure

Hi there, I’ve been playing competitive now for a while but the last two days we’ve had a storm here in the U.K. that has on and off affected my connection. Yesterday I disconnected in a match due to the line dropping out and you banned me for 7 hours. This morning during heavy rain again we had a connection drop and now you’ve hit me with a 19 hour ban. This is massively unfair when both times I reconnected immediately as quick as I could and rejoined. These issues are not my fault and I have no way of appealing this ban. Can anyone help?

sorry mate, blizzard only accounts for server crashes

Sorry but all disconnections count as leaving the match. Not to sound harsh, but it is actually rather irresponsible to be attempting to play the Competitive mode during a time where disconnections are persistent due to weather or other issues you are observing in your area.

MVPs don’t work for Blizzard. And while his approach is more direct than a Blizzard employee, he is making a valid point.

Blizzard has no way of telling if you pull the plug to avoid a match, or if weather caused you to disconnect. Because of that, they apply the same penalty to everyone who unexpectedly leaves a match.

If anyone has feedback on this policy, they can share their ideas with the developers via #competitive-discussion.