Competitive disconnections

Whenever Im Playing, my wifi sometimes disconnects, I mostly rejoin and I get suspensions and I have to wait 8 hours now, this is unfair to me. If blizzard can do something about this it would be helpful

It’s unfair to your teammates to be playing competitive with a shoddy connection.

In all fairness - I get wonky internet and my internet will decide to randomly collapse in on itself. No one is responsible for that and the option to join back is there - so punishing someone who is desperately trying to rejoin is a bit of an overkill

Suggestion : don’t try to game on comp on wifi. Wifi is for casual internet not gaming.

What kind of internet do you guys have? Geez… neighbor’s WiFi? I never have problems with mine… and that is what I expect when I pay $70/mo. for just internet. Maybe you should contact your ISP, assuming you’re not actually siphoning your neighbor’s internet. And what the above poster said, don’t play on WiFi.

A) Playing on WiFi is not a stable option for Competitive play.
Do hold in mind that WiFi at times is extremely unstable.
You know this, therefore you know the risks you are taking.

You either need to upgrade to Ethernet or stop playing competitive.

B) These disconnections are extremely unfair to your teammates.

You are playing in an unstable enviorment, resulting in many losses or handicaps for certain players. It’s not unfair to you, you’re playing in a situation of which you acknowledge the faults yet not wanting to accept them.

C) It’s impossible to create a system to detect if it were a technical malfunction or not.

Overall for any information regarding this please refer to this thread:

okay, is there anyway i can contact the isp or whatever it is guy and tell him to check on this?