Competitive career profile is wrong

profile is saying only 7 wins in comp. I have won 20. Only the season challenges recognize this. Play on pc and ps5, but only played one or two comp on ps5 rest on pc.

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I’m also experiencing this, play on PC and PS5, despite the pinned topic saying this is fixed. Would love if we got an update on it.


Lol yeah I have only 5 minutes played in comp total apparently

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This is the fun I’m dealing with. Last night played comp 6 games 5 wins 1 loss. Shows it correctly on replay on pc but career profile shows one. Go to my game on ps5 shows one win and 5 losses, watch replay you see ps5 is clearly wrong.

Yea they said they fixed this in console but I haven’t seen any change, it’s still broken for me on Xbox

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Still bugged for me too despite them saying it was fixed.

Seems that those of us who did an account merge are still affected and Blizzard are unaware of this.

Posted about this a couple days ago as well and also been keeping track of other, similar threads:

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So here is something interesting I decided to play on ps5 for a change just to see how it tracks. Come to find out, it is tracking the games so my pc account seems to have the issue. I have a feeling they didn’t account for you to play on multiple devices with one account.