Competitive ban is ridiculous

I guess i’m done playing overwatch at this point. Thanks to spectrum internet’s amazing internet reliability, i’ve been suspended to the point of a ban this season. What I would like to know is why there’s even a process to appeal when " No matter what the account action was applied for (in many cases it’s either behavior that constitutes as a violation or technical issues that result in frequent disconnects), we as a department do not go in and adjust these penalties or overturn them in any way.".
It would be one thing if i had made no attempt to rejoin and complete these matches, but a majority of these attempts would end in the client being unable to let me rejoin the match. Even if i was able to rejoin and finish the entirety of the match, i get a suspension for a loss. I’ve been playing this game since release and this is the second time i’ve had a competitive ban due to bad internet and you would think there would be an appeal process for… oh wait. It’s useless. I’m done commiting time to game thats just going to screw me over because of its dumb policies.

Gotta love spectru. Can’t tell how many times I’ve been kicked from 2k.

If you’re trying to play competitive when you know your internet is acting up, it’s not really Blizzard’s fault.


Thats a given. But it is their fault when it doesnt allow me to rejoin a game when my connection has recovered. And it’s their choice to not lift the ban or give any sort of consideration to that possibility. They have thousands of other players so why would they care about my continued support of the company.

If you got banned for the season it didn’t happen once or twice. Happened multiple times.
If you repeatedly insisted on playing comp when you knew the risk of it happening, then:

"Why am I still penalized when I rejoin some games?

There are two different reasons for this, excessive disconnections, or disconnecting for too long. You can reconnect at any point during a match you have left as long as you don’t have a leaver penalty. However, spending too much time outside of the game still puts your team at a disadvantage, and there’s a risk that others will leave in your absence. If you disconnect during a competitive match, try to reconnect as quickly as possible and finish the match.
Similarly, disconnecting multiple times in one competitive match may trigger penalties. If you have these problems regularly, you should troubleshoot the problem to avoid penalties."

You have willingly decided to put your team on disadvantage multiple times. Even the cases where you would be able to rejoin the game (which you probably didn’t because it took you too long) the penalty would be applied nonetheless, so you would still be banned.
Again, it’s not Blizzard’s fault. If you know your internet is not good at that moment, solve it first and play comp later.

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Im just waiting for AT&T availability when i move away, because they disconnections always end up coming back after the cable guy comes.