Competitive Accidental Leave Punishment

So I’m having a good time in comp. I’ve finally hit platinum for the first time in a while but barely. I feel a little proud. We are about to start a game and my internet cuts out before the game even starts! I’m so mad! But not as mad as I was when I came back to find I’ve lost 50-60 SR and there is a 6 minute suspension. Holy what a drop! I get that the punishments are in place for a reason but this was out of my control! I’ve been booted from Platinum and competitive is a struggle. :frowning:

I’m probably not the only one. There’s no way to tell but this honestly should be looked into. I feel for all the people that accidently disconnect because lets face it, the internet isn’t always perfect. I’m just disappointed in the major drop.

The policy is to treat all leavers the same because Blizzard can’t see when someone pulls their internet plug at home (and Windows does not communicate this to the Overwatch client), so there’s no way to add that detection at this time. More info: Overwatch Technical Issues, SR Loss, and Leaver Penalties