Competitive 6v6 Elimination now available!


Well well well, i guess its finally time to try this elimination business.


Nice to hear, hopefully some of the off meta one tricks and DPS players who need practice will go there instead of standard competitive play.



Please add explicit ENDING TIME timer to the interface of those limited time ranked events, it creates a lot of frustration when you can’t see it.

And fix the bug with ladder after those limited events finish, I did top 500 CTF as #430 but ladder kept moving even when event was over for some reason, my profile no longer displays it as t500 finish despite me earning spray and avatar.



How about fixing actual Competitive mode instead, please.

Add backfill to resolve leaver problem, get rid of smurfs so we can have truly even matches, and change the SR system so its a true reflection of your individual skill and not a reflection of your & your teammates’ skill.


Should have done mystery heroes comp


Since now we have this I hope that in the future we can get comp 3v3 that would be fun to do with friends


its meant for you to have your own team of 6. Are you seriously that un attentive you didnt realize that? its a 6v6 comp mode. for your TEAM not a group of randoms


Went live on all platforms yesterday from what I understand. Around sixish CST.


Mmmm … I’m not complaining, but in this event we had 2 PVE story modes and in the Anniversary event we didn’t have any game mode last year … would not it be better to have left this mode for the anniversary considering it’s where will there be new 3v3 and 6v6 maps?

Btw, for all those who want to collect points for golden weapons is great, between CTF comeptitive and this you can collect many points.


I like it it’s much more chill then normal competitive


I’m diamond and wasn’t able to play with my bronze friend, so I don’t think you will be able to play with your GM friend.

I think it is extremely stupid how normal competitive SR is holding us back from playing with our friends. I was forced to solo queue while 4 of my friends all played in a group together. Not fun.


Impromptu features is what kept Overwatch popular. Keeping this up at a steady pace should prevent community feeling underwhelmed.


Thank you for adding this new mode far better then normal Competitive wouldn’t mind next month having a 4v4 team death-match Competitive would be even more fun…


Why is this limited? this should be a permanent game mode.


Because this is very clearly a test for adding it to the actual ladder which is why past 2 heroes have been healers allowing players to have 2 healers every round now.


I know right why limited only! Should be permanent Competitive mode forever.


Its probably limited because this is probably a test to see how it plays, they will then make some maps to improve the gameplay flow of it and then likely add it to the main comp format.


How about fixing actual Competitive Mode. You know, the thing in which match-making has been broken since day one? No Clan/Guild system. No Group-Finder tool. How about we focus on that?


Can we get a 8 person FFA deathmatch or 4 vs 4 deathmatch instead not feeling this one sadly :frowning:


Normal Competitive always going be trash due to draws 1 trick, throwers, smurfs matchmaking system, and don’t forget tanks roles are dead nothing, but DPS and support meta from now on was hoping they buff Reinhardt by now!