Compensation for system crash / lockout

So obviously the servers crashed today and locked people out. Why again am i loosing 100 SR and being penalized as a leaver. What is blizzards plan to not have the costumer eat crow for not a customer issue?

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My real question is, since this has basically denied us a huge chunk of the double EXP bonus, especially since it wad in the last couple days of the Anniversary event, can we get like, an extra day to compensate?

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Please take a look at Blizzard’s policy here:


They will not likely be able to adjust the schedule overall. Remember this affected all Blizzard games and services, not just Overwatch.

I assume they have a “You play, you pay” kind of policy. Basically, the issue was known to the players, so you played comp, at your own risk, and got bit in the butt. End of story.

Not saying I, personally, agree with policies like this, but I’m just stating what their view probably is on the matter

Well, thats a shame.

People worry too much about their SR. A 50 or even 100 SR loss is not that hard for most people to make back if they’re actually playing near the rank they belong at.

In other words, not their problem. :grin:

Which I’m fine with. Now if this game was subscription based I’d be right there with OP asking about compensation. But it’s not so…

Why are you playing comp unironically in the first place is the bigger issue.

I stay away from that cesspool.

is anyone else not getting double exp or just me?

Cause they not casual??

in china they got 10 lootboxes while we get nothing because they know that chinese players will just play PUBG …

LMFAO! dude just stop. If i play with a 3man my win rate is above 85%! once i was reported multiple times for calling people out on throwing / purposely picking wrong heros i got the toilet bowl of team comps. I fell from 3000SR to below 1300 and now 3 months later im stuck @1500-1700 I always get POTG I always 3 card and i always lose because the match making is toxic broken b.s

Then sorry to say you got hardcore carried by your two teammates into diamond.