Comp server crashed during the game, lost SR

About 15-20 min ago, server just crashed, everyone was kicked out, couldn’t rejoin the match and lost sr. As much as I understand that shoot happens, I don’t understand why players are being penalized (all 12 of them) for server crashes.

If a server crashes, there is no penalty, but if you disconnect, there is a penalty. See these error code messages for details:

Error Message Where is this seen? Cause of problem Penalty Issued?
Lost connection to the server On the game title loadings screen after being kicked from the match. Something between you and the game server caused the connection to be severed. This can happen for a wide variety of reasons, most of the time outside of Blizzard's control. Click here for recommended starting troubleshooting steps. YES
Failed to connect to server. In red text in the text chat feed, usually when you are matched to a game. Something is blocking you from connecting to the specific IP address of the assigned game server. This is often due to firewall issues for the player's network. Click here for recommended starting troubleshooting steps. YES
Server closed due to an unexpected error. In yellow text in the text chat feed with the game quickly shutting down. Something caused the server itself to crash, which is reported to the lobby. No troubleshooting is needed by the player. The match **may** restart with the same players, but on a different map. The previous match is considered "no contest." NO

All disconnections will be penalized appropriately and you can learn more about this policy here:

Nope. Just nope.

you’re trying to tell me that other people in my game also had problems with their internet at the same time? and I was kicked out to main menu and couldn’t rejoin the match?

and ofc other people reported same thing on the forums at the same time, but yeah it’s definitely my internet connection that didn’t drop that’s at fault here.

your answer is just as insulting as the one that I got from CS.