Comp Rank Transfer with Merge?

Honestly, this. The game with a controller is so much harder than it is with a mouse. PC players are spoiled as hell and don’t even notice. I placed higher on PC than I did on console. I’m way more accurate with a mouse than I was with 100% aim assist on console. Sorry, but people thinking console players are bad is because they’re watching them play with the handicap of a controller. Give them a mouse and keyboard, a few months to learn and adapt to the new equipment if needed, and see them do fine.

Think people are confusing rank merger with points merger….

Your SR isn’t changing

any points you accumulated (the ones you can spend) are being merged

Is there a reason console players cant opt in to play with PC and have a separate rank?

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Because not every console player uses mouse and keyboard.

From their original blog post (emphasis mine), they note:

Will cross-play be enabled for all game modes?

Cross-play is enabled for all game modes with an exception for Competitive games. Competitive players will be split into two pools depending on the system that they are playing on: 1) Console players, and 2) PC players. For balance purposes, PC players and console players will not be mixed in the same pool for competitive matches.

They note that it’s for balance reasons, and that’s mostly aligned to mouse and keyboard. They also note in that FAQ that even M&K console players will not be able to play in competitive modes with PC players.

Ultimately, if they allowed PC and console players to play competitive matches together, the PC-only players would likely be furious if they got stuck with a console player on their team. There would be a much larger backlash if they enabled that cross-play option than keeping them separate.

And…? I want a option for console to play comp with pc like we have for QP, but with q separate rank

Yeah but if there are 2 ranks and say a console guy is plat on console but bronze agaisnt PC for whatever reason he can have a bronze rank for PC matchups and plat for PS.

I understand they answered that but there isnt really a solid reason, just like I dont get why they wont put M&K console agaisnt PC (but with a separate rank).

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So you’re suggesting there be 3 ranks? PC v PC, Console v PC, and Console v Console? I think the issue there is that there’s no guarantee for the ratio of console-to-PC players per match.

There could be a match where you’re the only console player with 9 other PC players, where again, PC players matched with the console player will feel disadvantaged. Then the next match have 2 console players on each team, but the console players are on DPS for team A, but are tank and support on team B. With no aim assist in console/PC hybrid matches, team A would feel more disadvantaged when damage players are usually more reliant on aim. If we’re looking for a true balance, the queue times will likely start to get unwieldy.

Let’s also note that in many cases, the Nintendo Switch version of the game is pretty laggy. If that player only runs on wifi, it could add more frustration to their teammates.

All of this added inconsistency and complexity to the system is likely not worth the effort to force it to work.

Probably less because they disabled aim assist. It is a lot harder to aim with a thumb than your entire arm. I’m still pissed about this, all because some kid won at fortnite and the community is salty about it.

No, 2 ranks: Console and PC. PC players can’t play on console ranked in any way, so nothing changes for them, but console players can play on PC ranked, so they have 2 ranks (PC and Console) instead of one. This wouldn’t affect queues more than being able to disable/enable crossplay on quickplay.

If the ranks are different, PC players wouldn’t feel at disadvantage because the console player would be at his deserved rank (well, as far as the Matchmaking classifies as deserved rank). This would be more balanced than the QP MMR we have right now.

About Switch, it’s not really much different than the live version. Switch players with 30fps go agains’t xbox players with 120fps. The difference is that they would start like in bronze vs PC for example.

Note that it is all optional. The idea is just to have a way for console to play with PC when they want to without being able to break the PC ranking.

Will our console rank be displayed on our ‘PC career profile’ under a separate tab? Or will the unified career profile differ depending upon what platform it is looked at from?

so all my stats from xbox and playstation dont matter toward my pc account?

It’s just that any perceived disadvantage causes the trolls to ruin the match when they don’t get their way. There are great controller players and terrible MKB players. If a MKB player was put into a competitive match with a controller user, that is an hit to their ego, even though they are in the same rank.

That’s what the segregation is really all about. You can see it even now when players get matched against stacks, or with a lower rank, account level, or a controller user in QP, or even if they don’t like the hero you’re playing. They either leave outright, or troll all match.

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That will likely be shown off in their upcoming announcement before launch. I can picture something similar to the “View Profile” option in these forums. Viewing someone’s profile shows the player level (which will be a legacy stat), along with the rank for either PC or a console, with an option to toggle to the other. In this case, it will likely prioritize where you’re playing from, then have an option to toggle to the other.

Correct. The xbox and playstation stats will merge as just “Console” stats, and combine stats (like total damage done) or pull the best stat (like a kill streak), but those stats will not combine with your PC stats.

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Well unless they’ve played on PC for a while, then yes they will lose a lot of rank, nearly every console player I know were in a much lower rank for a while, but once they got used to using K+M they went back up, sometimes even higher than their console rank

And it’s even worse for a PC player to move to console :joy: my PC was broken at one point and I got stuck in plat as I suck at aiming with a controller and usually only use controllers to play Adventure Platformer games such as Super Mario etc lol

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Yes for sure, it’s more about mechanics than gamesense.