Comp Q Times - opionion

Just want peoples opinions on this, everyone in comp right now is currently complaining about mismatched match making, and yet the game finds us a match with in like 10 - 20 seconds for the majority of ranks that is.

There is another not so well known MOBA which does a count down system for competitive gameplay and at the end of 5 minutes queue, a calc is done in the back ground to which people are fairly matched and separated into teams.

Cant expect games to be fair when your getting matched within 10 seconds. What do you all thnk?

Yeah the game doesn’t care about quality, gold players matching diamond players.

No wonder the ranks are all hidden on this low effort relaunch.

Oh well done you just finally balanced Roadhog.
Pat yourself on the back Blizzard.

They have turned Overwatch into a big money maker and the only new content given priority is new bundles or skins.

Still waiting for actual new game assets to be made for new Brig ult for example.
Nah 3 One Punch Man skins £40, what a joke :rofl:
Please talk with your wallets and stop buying skins.

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