Comp games - players leaving leading to loss and derank

I do not understand the logic behind deranking players because of games that are 4v5. When a player leaves it’s not in our control and there’s minimal chance of actually winning.

I just deranked because a random player left 2 of my comp games in a row and we lost both times… It makes me lose interest in actually trying to rank up when stuff like this can happen… And does so often…

Also, why can’t rank progression be determined by individual performance, instead of having to rely on other players’ abilities? Back to unranked I guess.

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The logic is quite simple. You lost the match.

Many things can happen during a match, players leaving or throwing or whatever being just some of the options.

4 of my placement matches were LOSSES bcuz of LEAVERS…sux bawls.

no you deranked because you lost

Lots of the time my team and me are winning and we only lose cause our tanks wifi cut or smth. Why tf am i getting deranked its such obvious bs just to make people play more.

That’s bad. I had leavers and also DPS doing terrible. And a Kiri refuse to heal.

You uh… Might want to read that message you decided to quote, just a few more times until you understand it.

The loss was a direct result of a team member leaving, leaving them in a 4v5 situation, and because of said loss caused by the player who left, they got deranked.

They really do need to fix this ridiculous system.

When someone leave a comp game, no matter if it’s 1 minute in, at the hero select screen or 4 minutes in, the game should close the lobby and put everyone back into a queue without punishing anyone but the person who left the game.