Comp FFA Still Not Over. 19 Hours Overdue


Arcade mode reset, June 11th, 5PM PDT.
End of Overwatch Anniversary, June 11th
Server Maintenance June 12th 7AM PDT
End of Bonus XP June 12th 12PM PDT

EDIT: This situation has surprisingly been documented in the press - dotesports currently has an article amending their own “OW Anniversary ends June 11th” statement. END EDIT

Anniversary still active. Comp FFA still active. I have been watching my rank decay a collective 110 or so spots since mid day June 11th, playing a few rounds to push it higher as required. Today, June 12th, I’ve started at 404 and gone down to 450 over time. I took a personal day from work in order to monitor this because of the twelve extra hours past June 11th the event has gone on for. Comp FFA needs to close.

It is 12:17 PM PDT June 12th. The official stated end date of anniversary was June 11th. Comp FFA ends with Anniversary. I understand you may wish to have an extra after-work day of anniversary sales, but you are tying Comp FFA to the matter for no reason. The top 500 scoreboard is effectively being changed from what it was supposed to be at the end of the expected time. A small group of people giving their all in this game hard are being locked to their chairs.


I agree. I’m watching my ranking go down as well unsure if I am supposed to continue playing and risk losing or sit tight and wait for the event to end. How are we supposed to act when we have no idea when the event is actually ending?


Yes. There needs to be some clarification on why the event is being extended. There hasn’t been a single piece of information regarding it.


falling slowly out of from top500 because blizzard doesn’t stick to their own schedule


Competitive Arcade gamemodes normally stay in the game for a while after the event ends, or at least that was the case with Comp 6v6. This could’ve been expected, but i understand where you’re coming from.


This was specifically due to Comp 6v6 starting one week into the event. It stayed one week after the event. Jeff Kaplan has a dev post specifically stating Comp FFA ends with Anniversary.


6v6 stayed after the Retribution event because it started later than the event, which would explain why it ended later as well. FFA started as anniversary started, and the anniversary event patch is still live, even though it should have ended a day ago.


I don’t know why is it so hard for them to just add a timer and not mess things up.


This is actually really unfair. It is kind of obvious that the reason Blizzard keeps the event running extra past the “end date” because Blizzard wants people to login the next day who thought they “missed” the opportunity to buy the loot boxes for the event, and because of this, those people impulse buy them because they fear they have only moments left to do so.

Not saying that blizzard can’t do that. I also realize blizzard exists to make money. But what I will say is, it is unfair to leave everyone playing arcade competitive in limbo for the “event end” because of this practice. End the event now and next season, you should add a timer so your less than savory business practices don’t end up making thousands of people extremely irritated. Thanks.


I agree wholeheartedly that any marketing device for Anniversary needs to be separated from Comp FFA’s end time. Looking at my own decay over time, about 150 people, 30 % of the top 500, have fallen out of the top and had to replay or miss out since midnight June 11th.


damnit, rank 487 on EU atm haha. I do have 2 other accounts on top500 as well, but still xD


If u made it to top 500, lets say 150. Do you need to play anymore to keep your spot “active” or can u sit there ? just wondering, because i dont really want to play the next couple of days.


Can’t sit, you won’t decay SR, BUT you will lose your top500 spot unless you keep playing.

1 game = 36 hours of decay stopped


Your spot would be safe for about two days, arguably, but there is SR decay if you dont play 5 game a week. Each game gives 33 hours of delay time, I think.

By spot being safe, I mean it’d take about two days, I’m estimating, for you to fall below 500.


It uses the same “decay” as normal comp, in the sense that if you do not play for 7 days, you will drop out of top500, but your SR will not drop. Each game played extends the timer by slightly more than a day, to a max of 7 days.


Ok thank you guys, i made about 8-12 games in the last 5 days. So theoreticaly i should be safe? :thinking:


Ye, you are safe easily


It takes about 5 games to go from 0 days to 7 days on the decay timer, so you’re safe.


If the event isn’t over at 7 or 8pm EST, whenever they usually have that time frame for this stuff, I’m at a loss of words for anyone who is in top 500 lol.

Basically means get out there and play more matches because if it extends after tonight that is some serious BS on Blizzard.

This also means that the event never ended June 11th, it ended June 12th.


It’s kind of nice to be mediocre at times like this. I don’t have to worry about losing a spot I was never qualified to get in the first place. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: