Community Update - 2022 in-game events (retail)

I don’t speak for Blizzard, but I would temper your expectations on if this specific skin returns or not. That was originally a BlizzCon skin which had fine print saying it would return in a future promotion (which it did for Halloween Terror 2019). However, considering it is a labeled as a “Special” collection item and not a “Halloween Terror” item, that one may not return.


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Looks like mercy is gettin a remix skin :slight_smile:

As a new player I was really looking forward to Archives, so while I find it slightly interesting, yes I am quite disappointed that Archives is not happening this year. It was my most anticipated event other than Anniversary.


Will the Zarya Alien Skin return since it is not OWL related anymore? Is there any plans of the skin to be released again? Thanks!


The new Overwatch X Prime gaiming campaing plus this new open vault and get what you missed in the past years (lke Nano cola Dva, Dr Ziegler, etc) are aiming for people returning overwatch who stopped playing since brig launch, role que, cross play, etc; who missed some good seasonal events.
For people who trusted the game and keep playing nonstop well, youll get Little Red ashe blue recolor or so.

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I am sorry but this is really disappointing. No new Epic skins and Legendary skins that are probably just a recolors. No content becomes even bigger no content.


Ofc some of us will be disappointed when the “new” skins are just re-colors of older ones, like what?? When they said they were going to give us more legendary skins that ever i bet no one expected this?!?! And fave legendary skins? Now i already have pink mercy but that skin is literally so popular and they aren’t even going to bring that skin back???



What is new about this tho? Instead of Archives, Summer Games and Anniversary we are getting Anivversary 3 times in a row with a bunch of recolors. Great new content.


This is unfortunate. I’d rather have “sorry no new skins” for archives than a “sorry, archives isn’t happening this year”. The event is coded and ready, just let us play it same as last year please.


Well, that is sad, tbh

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You’ll still get to play the PvE missions from archives in the event, so that kinda fixes it ( unless you’re playing archives not for the PvE, but who is?).

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Somebody wake me up when we get the missing lore Zenyatta skin. :sleeping:

And something that is not the desaturated OW2 skin.


So you mean recolors of popular skins?


OW 2Has been the forefront for the last 3 years


Think of it this way: With all the BS Blizz and their teams have been under, especially the OW team with their blunder with Kotick placing a monkey wrench in OW2, I can be grateful that they’re doing anything at all with the OW2 beta approaching.

Who knows? The recolors of certain skins might be cool. If they need to allocate more time to OW2 by doing this, then this is the way to go.

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Archives not getting it’s own event run is wildly unfortunate. I have friends that will come back to play the PVE stuff and this year they can only do it if they’re available the handful of days that it’s activated? That’s a negative. What they’re doing for Anniversary seems fine, but at the expense of cutting Archives I’m def not happy.


I’m looking forward to PvE so much!!! AndyB, can you please ask if they can always have at least one PvE mission available each day!


Why did you just contradict yourself?


The only negative thing I can think of is this all seems too good to be true. We’re getting anniversary early, we can still play archive missions alongside lucio ball and other cool event mini games, old skins and weekly challenge skins I missed out on, and new ‘remixed’ skins. It sounds like, while similar, also a lot of cool stuff to do… but I have to keep my expectations low for now incase I hope for too much

Still I’ll say I’m happy that they’re trying out new things instead of copy pasting the same pattern. So yeah, I’m happy about this


I think we can survive with no new skins if it means they put the dev time into OW2.