Community Suggestions List for Doomfist


Maybe pressing R when he is missing ammo will make him generate ammo fast, but he can’t use his abilities and you can’t cancel it?


Doomfist is not as bad as people think


Can you explain why Reinhardt’s charge takes precedence over Dva’s rocket boost or why two Reinhardts charge one another one always has the upper hand versus just cancel one another?


So firstly, its because charge has a stun hitbox, so when’s boosting right into him, she’ll knock him back first and then get charged into a wall.
Also when two Reins charge eachother they knock each other down ALWAYS. If they don’t that’s a bug that you should report to blizzard.


Yeah I have no idea why she just basically has a better flashbang. Anyway, add another counter to doomfist.


By what extension and even if we grant you that, he certainly isn’t good. He’s bottom tier no matter how you cut it and just because you see a few pro players do well doesn’t mean the character is balanced. Doomfist has serious negatives and flaws other DPS do not have.


Yes this #$*@ happened to me so much the past few days it ain’t even funny. The amount of stuff lock and knock back Brigitte has is ridiculous when paired up with McCree or dva or an enemy doomfist or a Reinhardt. Yes if your Baguette doesn’t have it’s head up it’s arsse and actually throws those health packs she can be great for doomfist but the enemy brigittes keep anyone who ain’t a sniper, 76, McCree, sombra bastion, far the f away. That reach on the knock back of the flail plus the knock back of the stun is outrageous. Though I will say yesterday I got in as doomfist for the first time in ages without dying every minute with less missed punches and such.


After this last patch Doomfist definitely feels a lot more consistent. I still feel like he needs some tuning, but I don’t have the statistics to back that feeling.


What about resetting his primary fire when he gets a kill? If they did that it would make his damage more consistent


Nice to see more bug fixes on the PTR!


Idea: Give Doomfist an immediate primary fire ammo on ability hit. A lot of players even now still believe Rocket Punch to be Doomfist’s bread and butter. Giving Doomfist immediate ammo regen on ability hit suggests to the the player that SS and RU are used just as often if not more.




i got one

Make his ult go through shields. Its already bad enough that you can just walk away from the insta kill moving at normal speed, at least give it some sort of use other than “oh no im aboutta die press q” Even the pros like chipsa barely use it for kills and more for escape


An idea for a rework I’m honestly just curious what you guys think.

New resource: Stamina
Primary: Doomfist gauntlet
Alt-fire : Defensive stance
E: Uppercut
Shift: seismic slam
Q: Fury
Passive: Enhancements

Hand cannon becomes the primary fire while in defensive stance

Doomfist gauntlet: A two hit melee combo the first hit deals 75 damage the second 125.
There is a 0.5 second delay before you can combo again.
The first hit has a lunge range of 7 meters and disables movement abilities briefly both hits move the camera.

Defensive stance: Toggled ability. When active immune to negative effects hand cannon becomes primary fire
incoming damage is reduced by 50% and movement is slowed.
Defending consumes stamina, when out of stamina you take more damage.

Uppercut: Functions the way it does currently but hitting an affected target with Doomfist gauntlet
will hit them back towards the ground dealing 75 damage.

Seismic slam: Functions the way it does currently but hitting an affected target with Doomfist gauntlet
will knock them back for 25 damage if they hit a wall they are stunned and take an extra 50 damage.

Fury: Infinite stamina, +30% damage resistance, lunge range doubled, defensive stance is disabled,
third hit for the Doomfist gauntlet combo that causes 150 damage and knockback.

Enhancements: Doomfist can perform a charged jump and is resistant to negative effects.

Stamina: Used for Defensive stance and Charged jump. Has a pool of 10. For every 20 damage taken 1 point of stamina is lost regardless of stance. Depending on charge charged jump will use up to 4 stamina. When at full stamina health regenerates.


Stamina would be a cool mechanic for Doomfist. It would allow for more combos and flexibility


Just save the idea for a Sun Wukong character :grin:


I still think Doomfist should be reworked into a tank. His hitbox is absolutely massive.


10 and 5 from mobility and 3 and 8 from defence and that would be all he needs


I will be updating the format and content of the main post over the next week


The thing with buffing an already perfect character is that you have to counteract with more nerfs. So, here are my changes

  1. Keep all the things you mentioned
  2. Break doomfist’s legs and crack his spine, effectively paralyzing him