Comepttiive queuing suspended, because system error

I was in a competitive game and suddenly a box popped up saying “Your rendering device has been lost! Application closing”. And then the moment I re-entre the game I got suspended from queuing competitive games, and I bet my rank has been demoted.

This game is broken. Blizzard seriously, your attempt to make profit by making people buy OW2. But look at your OW1, a trash piece. I have totally no confidence to make further purchase from this company.

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Rendering Device lost means exactly what it sounds like.

The game client lost access to your GPU.

Mostly likely an issue due to drivers, corrupt data with the client/settings or interference from other software on the system.

Leaving a match for any reason including technical ones, will result in penalties. That is how the system has always worked.

This forum is for localized community based troubleshooting of your system, network and client for technical issues.

Which I am sure the community will be more than happy to do if you could provide more information based on what this post suggests.

Aye i queued for a game with my friend and we found a game and it said game found but the game never started and i went to que up again and I was banned for 15 minutes and lost 59 sr


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