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Are you one of those people who just doesn’t hear healthpacks when you use them?

Not hearing footsteps coming from behind?

Not hearing teammates asking for heals even when they’re right behind you?

What about lootbox voice lines cutting out?

Or even certain sound effects just not playing at all?

Or stranger, weird sound effects just playing when they shouldn’t?

If you’re experiencing issues like this please add your story (and any relevant videos) to the following audio bug forums megathread. People like you have been experiencing these issues and more for months ranging from innocuous (not hearing spawn voicelines, match queue music not playing, etc.) to downright gamebreaking (not hearing enemy ults, not hearing enemy shots, etc.), and it’s time to let Blizzard know this is a big problem that needs their attention:



Thanks for the link! In my megathread my second post lists out all the audio bug threads that have been posted by other players over the months, I’ll add yours to it. If you could comment and share what you’ve been seeing (or any videos) that would be great, we’ve gotta keep this in front of Blizzard so they know it’s a problem.


Thread updated with more video demonstrations and improved clicky-baity-ness. :joy:


Isn’t creating a thread about another thread against the CoC? Oh well.

At least it’s for a good reason.


Yes, this issue needs to be adressed, audio cues are as important as visual cues. Let’s bumo this thread!


A lot of the time when I try to preview voicelines from a lootbox I just opened they don’t play.
Also a lot of heroes’ pre game lines are replaying over and over


Originally I put my thread here in general discussion, but the mods moved it to the bug forums and locked it. This prevented me from actually keeping this discussion in the public eye and also from adding more video evidence to the initial comment.

Unfortunately few people visit the bug forums even when they encounter issues, and this is a huge game-breaking problem that a lot of players are experiencing. I need more people to see it and add their voices if they’re encountering the problem as well, because people have been reporting the issue for months with no movement by Blizzard (save for an admission about a month ago that there were problems with memory pools leading to audio drops in a random thread).

The more people making a ruckus the better, because while my thread sits to die alone in the bug forum forgotten the problem continues unresolved for many.


Oh right. Yeah like I said, at least it’s not a Mercy thread and is actually about fixing the game.


Sound cues are sooo important in Overwatch and my dream is that they’ll someday fix the longstanding quiet footsteps issue so that I will be able to hear Reapers running (note: not crouch walking) around!

It’s funny that Widow’s footsteps are audible halfway across the map but Reaper is silent even when right next to me…


Ikr?? It’s like her stilettos are tapping right into your ears when she walks, but other enemies are practically floating on air (Reaper, Mei, McCree, etc.). Like in this match, a McCree completely blindsides me in an empty, quiet Petra corridor, and moments later in the same Petra corridor I can easily hear a Widow walking behind me from the same direction and react instantly:

It’s ridiculous.


Yeah the preview voicelines has always been annoying to me, makes it difficult for me to decide whether or not to add the voiceline to the wheel or not, and then I wind up having to exit from the lootbox menu and dive into the hero gallery to see whether or not it’s a voiceline I want to add, it’s very annoying. :expressionless:

I haven’t heard about the pre game lines replaying over and over, do you have any videos of that and could you describe it some more? If you could talk about that some in the bug forums megathread that would be great, the more people talking about these audio problems the better.


I don’t have any videos, but I’ve noticed it happening most with dva and moira. Some of their pre game lines, such as “now this is my kind of city! Lights, camera, action!” Will repeat over and over until the match starts


I routinely feel like certain ult voicelines just don’t play, but sometimes I just question my sanity as to whether or not I was just tunnel visioned for a second or two and didn’t notice/hear it overtop of what was happening.

However I do know for sure that many times as Sombra the hack completion sound effect or the sound effect that plays when my translocator hits the ground just doesn’t play. I’ll often do a double take when hacking healthpacks cause I’ll think I turned too quickly and go back to try again and it’s hacked.

I also did have one match with actual proof where widow’s voiceline on the enemy team didn’t play, and the issue even replicated during her POTG and the audio didn’t play there either.

So yeah, overall I often feel like Overwatch’s audio system is pretty crummy. Could definitely use some improvements.


That enemy Ana bug when she falls off the map but you hear her scream through your ally comms :joy:

Hilarious but not needed


Seems legit.