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Hey I’m up for squading up and I’m pan.
I mostly play support or tank and I main Moira, Baptiste or D.Va. Feel free to add me :blush:

I’m down I play zen baptiste and junker queen battle tag RIPHARAMBE77

I believe i added you

Unwanted#11519 if anyone wants to play :yum:

Ill join my psn is Kintwind

I’m interested! My PSN handle is control4smilers is DarkStar#13396
My mains are Lucio, Moira, Sigma, Roadhog, Mei. Also into playing Orisa, Zarya, Sombra, Echo, and learning a bunch of the other supports. Def want some friends for comp play but also unranked.

Hey I’m always looking for more lgbt+ players. I’m Gay and main Mei, Mercy and Reinheart. My psn is daithi2211

Zen main. Looking for groups to play with
Battle: ELJEFFE77
PSN: el_Jeffe77-_-

I’m Poet__tree (two underscores) on PSN, main Lucio, Torbjörn, and DVA!

If anyone wants to play on a weekly basis. Add me up PSN: Seby_Seby__ Battle: sebyseby#1763

I’m a P3 OQ, S1 RQ support main, Mercy/Kiriko/Moira. EU 18+, on most evenings and weekends. JUSTDAVE#21899

Love how I can always rely on my alphabet mafia to be majority support players :rainbow_flag:

Would love to join a game with anyone if they’re about. Play most evenings (GMT)


Hii! My psn user is Daddysdxck907! I usually just chill on unranked and arcade. Im bi/pan and looking for some friends to play with :slight_smile:

My gamer tag is SADPHAAG#1760 if anyone is down to play mystery!

i mostly play unranked & arcade if anyone wants to add me my psn user is vexx_ing and my id vexxing#11721 :slight_smile:

Are allies welcome? If not i understand.

Battletag is AngryVegan#11228



Mei and Moira damage main. Usually 25-30 kills each game.

Triple gold flex player here, I main Lucio, Orisa and Sojourn but I can play almost anything.

My battletag is Oli#11569

Would love to meet some new teammates!

Hello. Still new too the game been playing for 2 weeks (off and on ) Mercy; main support and Ramattra; main tank. I haven’t tried any DPS characters yet working on it. PSN: Briareos2814/Blizzard: SilentSword