Climbing from Bronze to silver with DPS - 45 games

Ill try record all me matches too lol.

Bronze to diamond. Need to get to bronze first though

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That didnt work well lol. I just finished my placement games on tank and I actualy lost 107 SR, from last season end 1203 to 1096 now, RIP.

13 - (1203)Placement 1 (WIN) - Normal match. I think I carried this match. KWSGD1 (Reinhardt)
14 - Placement 2 (WIN) - Normal match, good team. 85D6AC (Reinhardt)
15 - Placement 3 (LOSS) - Normal match. J4X8SR (Reinhardt)
16 - Placement 4 (LOSS) - Normal match. R1QDWN (Reinhardt)
17 - Placement 5 (LOSS) - Normal match. I was bad. 22F2X0 (Reinhardt)
18 - 1096

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Ouch. If you want I can review match 16 if you want. I’m only bronze, but was on a 55% win rate and nearly hit silver (yay). Hopefully a miles better player than me can help you.

Might be worth starting this as a specific tank thread?

I’ve suffered lots of games in bronze as Rein, so might have some good insight?

Kudos to you for sticking with Rein. You could just play Zarya/ Sigma/ Hog and use them as a dps to farm your way to silver with 80% win rate.


No it’s not. It’s just more Bronze. The gameplay is literally no different than 1,000+ Bronze.

Also, you can probably win 70% of your matches playing support in Bronze and not trying to be a DPSupport. Support carries more than any roll down there, IMHO, because so many low rank players don’t know how to play the game properly and it gives your team a huge advantage.

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Yeah, sure pick any game you want if you want to review it, but I think I know most of my mistakes. I know I have done some crazy charging :slight_smile:

I dont know, we can just continue here I guess?, I would like to post all my tank
games at once in special topic after I will climb to silver.

I am not sure about sigma, but I would climb with off tanks pretty fast no doubt, but I welcome the rein challenge, it is fun. To have fun was point of this account. I didnt want to hard carry games by smurfing on heroes I can play well.

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Playing DPS support is way to go in bronze, because you have to compensate for bad dps players if you have them. And gameplay in 1000 vs 500 is different too. I would say every 250 SR on the ladder is different and you can see difference if you will play in both elos for some time.


Gazzor, I have few more games for you. We had someone who was plat/diamond in match 21 and 22. But he dropped to bronze on pc, so I wont count him as smurf. We had nice games after I grouped up with some players I met, but our winning streak was ended by smurf. Some codes are probably gone as I played more games. And I will play more games today, so if you would like too see any of my games here, let me know and I will pin it.

18 - 1096 (+26) - Normal match, good team.
19 - 1122 (+23) - Normal match, 3 stack. V2FPR9 (Reinhardt)
20 - 1145 (+0) - Match canceled, leaver at start.
21 - 1145 (+19) - Normal match. Good team YNSC1G (Reinhardt)
22 - 1164 (+28) - Normal match, 5 stack. 8BKM2A (Reinhardt)
23 - 1192 (-19) - Normal match, 5 stack. JMYYFZ (Reinhardt/Orisa)
24 - 1173 (+0) - Match canceled, leaver at start.
25 - 1173 (-20) - Unwinnable match, enemy team had 3 smurfs. M7DPEK (Reinhardt)
26 - 1153 (+29) - Normal match, one guy talking how he will end his life. JQRYPZ (Reinhardt)
26 - 1182 (+25) - Normal match, I carried. FXFW93 (Reinhardt)
27 - 1207 (+22) - Normal match, 4 stack. B5ZTJT (Reinhardt)
28 - 1229 (+25) - Normal match, 3 stack. 512RAC (Reinhardt)
29 - 1254 (+23) - Normal match, 3 stack. 2K5V64 (Reinhardt)
30 - 1277 (-23) - Still 3 stack. Enemy team had smurf genji. 9K98QB (Reinhardt)
31 - 1254 -



I see that you’re stacking. Do you just form up with winning teams after game, or prearrange the stacks with established friends?

Rein definitely easier to play with at least 1 or 2 other people working with you.

Yeah, if you pin game 29 I might have a look. Depends when I fire up my ps4.

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Yes, I group up with others but I dont ask for it, if others want to group up, I go with them. I think I myself only once asked someone to join me, mercy player for one match. And I usualy leave first match we lose as group, unless it was close loss. Then I would try one more.

I group up only with people I meet in my games. I dont have anyone I knew before in friend list on this account.


Few more I played, if you can react I can post another update later, it wont allow me to post again, because I am the last who posted response.

32 - 1279 (+0) - Match canceled, leaver afk in spawn.
33 - 1279 (+34) - Normal match, I hard carried. YHHW5J (Reinhardt)
34 - 1313 (+21) - Normal match. XMY5E7 (Reinhardt)
35 - 1334 (+27) - Enemy team had DPS throwing because something happened in their team, probably trashtalking. Q8HJ8E (Reinhardt)
36 - 1361

Check match 33, I was amazing :slight_smile:

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Watched match 33. Good aggression. Enemy team were bloody awful and let you walk over them (You went in vs a Rein, Reaper, Hanzo and Baptiste and didn’t die?!).

I wish the dps I went up against in my games were that crap and not “bronze” Junkrats with 58% kp farming rip tyre every 40-60 seconds… (sob)

But you made the plays. Better to be over aggressive and rein it in than be a pussy Rein that just waits at the choke all day.

Just a few suggestions.

  1. Try to get hammer and fire strike combo into muscle memory and do it but default. It’s an animation cancel where the hammer swing hits then goes into fire strike. Several times you’d have got kills in two swings rather than 3, or even having them escape, like Lucio and Ashe did.

  2. Another tip is to crouch after the earth shatter before the fire strike. Means easier to hit all the prone targets as avoids a downward angle on the fallen enemies.

  3. No idea why you let the shield break in map 1. Nobody using the barrier, so just let it drop and use it when needed.

As to the mad inconsistency of bronze tanking, here’s me going 28-0 kd on Junkertown with Orisa.

If only all my tank games could go so well…

Thank you for tips, I think I am a lot better Rein than I was when I started. I am usualy more carefull about using hammer against junkrats.

I have another few games for you :slight_smile:

40 - 1351 (+25) - Normal match. Second tank was begging for rein, I gave him rein in defense and he switched after we lost 1 point. (Reinhardt, Orisa)
41 - 1376 (+27) - Normal match. (Reinhardt)
42 - 1403 (+30) - Normal match, good team and I was amazing, done some mistakes but huge shatters. 6842ZH (Reihardt)
43 - 1433 (-22) - Our support left, because he was flanked by winston a lot and was vocal about it in voice chat tilting. (Reinhardt)
44 - 1411 (+24) - Normal match. P5Z475 (Reinhardt)
45 - 1435 (-20) - Normal match. (Reinhardt)
46 - 1415 (+24) - Normal match. YTSNR7 (Reinhardt)
47 - 1439 (-18) - Enemy team had two smurfs, tank and dps. And we had leaver later in the game. Q0BB6G (Reinhardt)
48 - 1421

Watch the match 42 (6842ZH), it was epic.

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Wow, 20% of your games were disrupted by leavers. And Superbunny would deny us backfill?

It sounds like you are saying that cheating and trolling are fine because it’s more (or equally) likely to happen to the other team?

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And few more, I am getting really close, I am hoping for silver next time :slight_smile:

48 - 1421 (-19) - Normal match, probably unwinnable, bad dps picks who could not do enough damage (Reinhardt)
49 - 1402 (+22) - Enemey team had smurf dps, guy used to be high plat. H5GNWR (Reinhardt)
50 - 1424 (+21) - Normal match, good team. (Reinhardt)
51 - 1445 (-20) - Normal match, we had dumb bastion player who refused to join voice chat so he did not hear my call outs about tracer and she killed him few times.
52 - 1425 (+26) - Normal match. HGYTQ8 (Reinhardt)
53 - 1451

I wasnt counting final stats for tank yet, is it really 20%? I think a lot of leavers I had were people afk in spawn and games being canceled because of them. Backfill would not help there probably that much,because we have priority requeue now.

Your first post was 45 games. Nine had leavers. Thats actually pretty good. I can have close to 40% of games disrupted by leavers on the weekends sometimes. Its definitely worse at the beginning and end of a season.

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It depends how you look at it, 4 games were canceled and 2 leavers were on enemy side so technicaly I had only 3 leavers who affected my games in negative way where I would lose SR, not 9.

And I managed to win one of our games with leaver because he came back too.

I will have more data today if I make it to silver on tank. And we will be able to see how big impact leavers have on bronze games.

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Thats true. I find cancelled games to be disruptive. You could have won those games and been silver by now.

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Or I could lose them :slight_smile: Majority of canceled game had someone afk, only one match someone left on purpose I think when they were being rolled.

Canceled games suck, but it is so much better with priority requeue. I just dont understand why we had to wait months for it.


Average Bronze player can get out of bronze by getting a better PC to play on.

Bronze is [generally] full of the people who are playing on potato setups with lower end/slower hardware, low/inconsistent frame rates, and tiny mouse pads with consumer mice set with the sensitivity/DPI set too high.

This is an inhibitor to improvement, because the hardware actually works against you in this case. You get to a point where it becomes problematic.

It would be interesting to see a survey of average system specs by rank in this game.

Some yes but i was coaching several people who had better hardware in bronze than plenty of players in gold or plat. Bad hardware is disadvantage yes, but usualy reason why are people stuck there is their skill and game sense.

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Yeah, ps4 playing field pretty even, apart from the m&k users…

I’m bronze tank as I have horrible reflexes and I’m playing the wrong tanks. Learning Zarya and hoping to get silver with her.

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