Climbing from Bronze to silver with DPS - 45 games

Hello, I posted my climb from bronze to silver with Mercy 3 days ago and since then I was trying to climb on DPS role. I played a lot of torb when I started, but Bastion was my choice after like 12 games with torbjorn. I definitely wanted to play Junkrat too, but I had fun on bastion so I stayed on him. Just as with Mercy, I wanted to play heroes anyone can play even without good aim.

I had to play 89 games to climb with mercy and I had to play only 45 games to do the same on dps role. I think Bastion choice was very important as players in bronze usualy have troubles to deal with him. When I climed to Silver, my winrate on bastion was 85% and 91% on torbjorn.

Smurfs? Throwers? Leavers? If I consider playing only half of the games as I played with mercy, I definitely faced more smurfs on dps role. Well actualy more of everything probably :slight_smile:. I will show my tank role probably next week. I want to play something mechanicaly easy, probably Rein or Winston. I think winston could be fun.

I played with people I met several times btw.

Here something about my games:

Normal match == match without deviation as leaver/smurf or thrower.

1 - 682 (+30)- Normal match.
2 - 712 (+0) - Game canceled, leaver was afk in spawn.
3 - 712 (+22) - Normal match.
4 - 734 (+27) - Normal match. Enemy team hated me and my turret.
5 - 761 (+25) - Normal match. Two of our team mates completely wasted.
6 - 786 (+28) - Normal match, good team.
7 - 814 (+0) - Game canceled, our player afk in spawn.
8 - 814 (+33) - Normal match.
9 - 847 (+33) - Normal match.
10 - 888 (-19) - Normal match.
11 - 869 (+27) - Normal match.
12 - 896 (+25) - Normal match.
13 - 919 (+0) - Game canceled, leaver in waiting room.
14 - 919 (-16) - Enemy team having Doomfist/Genji smurf and another low lvl mercy constantly pocketing him
15 - 903 (+24) - Genji+mercy from last match were in my team smurfing again.
16 - 927 (+24) - We had leaver in defense, he came back 2 minutes later.
17 - 951 (+0) - Game canceled, leaver AFK.
18 - 951 (+24) - Normal match.
19 - 975 (+24) - Enemy team had leaver because we rolled them.
20 - 997 (+29) - Normal match, but very hard.
21 - 1026 (-26) - Enemy team had Ana smurf.
22 - 1000 (+28) - Enemy hanzo smurf.
23 - 1028 (+24) - Enemy team had leavers.
24 - 1052 (+25) - Normal match.
25 - 1077 (+25) - Normal match.
26 - 1101 (+34) - Normal match. Playing as 6 stack.
27 - 1135 (+33) - Enemy team had leaver after they were rolled by bastion(me).
28 - 1168 (-15) - 3 stack throwing and toxic.
29 - 1153 (+29) - Normal match.
30 - 1182 (+27) - Normal match.
31 - 1209 (+28) - Enemy Roadhog smurfing/boosting? (5 star account)
32 - 1237 (+27) - Normal match.
33 - 1264 (+32) - Normal match. Joined 4 stack from last game.
34 - 1292 (+38) - Normal match. Playing in 5 stack.
35 - 1330 (+34) - Normal match. Playing in 5 stack.
36 - 1364 (-16) - Normal match. Playing in 5 stack.
37 - 1348 (-16) - Leaver on our team.
37 - 1332 (+26) - Normal match. Amazing support players.
38 - 1358 (-17) - Leaver on our team.
39 - 1341 (+29) - Normal match.
40 - 1370 (+25) - Normal match.
41 - 1395 (+28) - Normal match.
42 - 1423 (+21) - Normal match.
43 - 1444 (+27) - Normal match.
44 - 1471 (+26) - Normal match.
45 - 1497 (+24) - Enemy team had smurf Genji.
46 - 1521

45 Games played in bronze

Games with throwers on my team: 1
Games with throwers on enemy team: 0
Games with smurfs on my team: 1
Games with smurfs on enemy team: 5
Games with leavers on my team: 3
Games with leavers on enemy team: 2
Canceled games: 4

My last match where I made it to Silver if anyone is interested: WXCSA5


Your bias is preventing you from properly identifying the smurfs on your team and your perspective prevents you from seeing the throwers on the other team. You will have slightly more of both on the other team in the long run. Since leavers are transparent (if you pay attention since it doesn’t have a flashy warning for leavers on the other team), you can see those are relatively even.


Agree with this interpretation. Although it’s a sad one. True, you are the dominant variable in your games. Your output isn’t necessarily constant, but it’s controllable to a degree. This results in there being 5 randoms + you vs. 6 randoms. Meaning over the long run, your signal will rise above/below the noise.

This is the sad part. It ruins the fairplay and competitive integrity, and makes ranking skill less about in-game performance and more about hero-select, thrower alert, and smurfwatch. Since those are more sensitive parameters to converting wins. If you don’t posess those skills, or that part of your skillset doesn’t scale above the noise threshold for the next rank, you’re done climbing.

And that is in the ideal world of random matchmaking - you+5 vs. 6. Truthfully, their patents and queue times seem to imply a lot more rigging and backpressure. Less efficient climbing, less mobility, and more skill output then your rank pays you for, to keep up engagement.

Is climbing even worth it? I don’t think so anymore. I’d rather get fast queues with random outcomes than slow queues with random outcomes.

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Hey dude!! Congratulations on making it to silver!! It’s a pretty big step!! Just remember to keep practicing and don’t be toxic towards your teammates!!

Always take a break if you lose to games in a row and try to pay attention to call outs.

In terms of smurfs/throwers/leavers, there are definitely plenty of them but they’re just as likely on your team as on the enemy team. If you’re DPS, it’ll be in the form of support or tank.

Try to recognize this early and figure out how to play “with” them (IE enable each other).

Edit: Watcjing your last game now…


I was already talking about that on my mercy climbing topic I think. I am aware of being slightly biased. I could miss some smurfs on my team, but probably only those who are not too far from current bronze rank. I had some good player on my teams, sometimes I asked them if their accounts are mains. I checked their previous seasons if I could. And I was checking a lot of players after match was completed from replay section. I tried to watch closely anyone with lower level and I think I am pretty accurate. Only thing I am not sure is if some players on enemy teams werent throwing. Thats because I wasnt on enemy team, so I dont know what was going on there. I can see someone throwing, but why is he doing that? Is it because he wanted to throw when he entered the match? Or was 5 stack trashtalking him and made him throw? It is hard to know.

This is just a start, I will post more topics like this in future.

Thank you, this is my alt, I am not trying to hide it. I just play different heroes on it. I want to avoid heroes I play on my main account. But I am suprised how easy it was on bastion, I thought it will be harder. It was definitely harder with Mercy. I am very curious about my tank role. I played only one match there so far, I am going to play more in next week. I will be playing Main tanks.

I usualy do that, depends if I am tilted or not. If I have good winning streak I just stop after first loss. Same with if I group up with some players. If we have good time and win some, I leave the group after first loss which feel like team could not do much. At that point I know that member of my team probably climbed too high and we would lose more.

Genji was owning me on bastion :smiley:

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I honestly dont understand why are you not gaining more SR for wins in such low ELO. You are not really losing that much but SR gain arte not so high as it should be either. I guess you are carrying a lot because you won most of your games so stats should boost your MMR and PBSR more. Maybe you die too often?


This proves that getting out of bronze is possible.

The amount of people crying that it’s not clearly just dont put enough time into the game.


I actually wanted to post the same topic, my experience from going Bronze to Silver as DPS. Would you mind if I used your topic or should I open a separate one?

As if you even know what climbing is. You’re a self-declared sub-500 SR player that does nothing but whine about how unfair the ranked system is. The sooner you stop talking about it like you have any business doing so, the better this forum will be.


Not worthwhile though. Don’t bother with it. Unfun and unworth. They keep paying bad developement, I keep not worrying about climbing and I hope you do the same.

Please explain why 1. anyone with a brain should listen to you. and 2. why climbing in a ded af game with a washed 4 year old ladder matters at all to anyone good ever. Cheers.

As OP stated he climbed on bastion, I wonder if he could do the same on different dps heroes, not saying he would not of course, but Bastion is Overpowered even in gold :slight_smile: And bastion was buffed not that long ago too. Players in lower ranks often dont group up and team play is almost non existent so bastion will carry games easy, any hero with high dmg output actualy, like junk, pharah, reaper…

About the time, I saw Love’s climb on mercy. He climbed with around 90 games in few days, a lot of people who are not climbing simply dont play game enough to get better. Some dont even play 90games in one season.

Hey, go for it, I dont think OP would mind, I always like to read topics like this. I am doing something similar here in link below, but with little bit more informations and it is from my elo.

Because unlike you, I do know what climbing is. I’ve been Master in every season since 6. I know more about playing the game properly than you ever will.


Gottem… :joy::joy:

Homies such a troll… Low key convinced he’s a T500 player who tries to spread dysentery among the lower ranks :joy:


Honestly, he’s probably that or someone who ragequit the game a while ago and had made it their mission to try to make everyone as whiny and angry as they are.


What a interesting progress. It’s def funny how it took less games to climb to silver while it didn’t with support. Are you going to do tank next?


Bastion is a complete monster in bronze. Even if you don’t get stuck in turret mode.
His sentry spread is great for gunning down Pharah (the really malicious bronze pick) on the run and if you use turret to burn down shields when they pop up you give your (highly likely) double offtank team the massive advantage. By stripping the shield tanks of their advantage.


And I wonder how many people arent able to climb out even in bastion. If he’s that strong, why is he the third least played character in that rank, just barely in front of widowmaker and sombra?

The way I see it, OP got out fair and square.

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Mmmm… I don’t know if I’d say fair and square if the OP is smurfing though…


I went from 1100 SR to 2500 SR in open queue yesterday in just over 20 games.

Today I’ll be hitting 3k.


Hi love!!

What’s your real rank? Did they remove PBSR?? Your gains seem abysmally low!