Clearing up up the rumors about Overwatch 2's release date

Between the post from Naeri (a former forum MVP on the Korea Blizzard forums) and a speculation video from YouTuber Stylosa. I wish to emphasize…

There is no official news on the release date on Overwatch 2!

For those who need context, a new art book was recently released for Overwatch called The Cinematic Art of Overwatch Volume 1 and there are starting preorders for both The Cinematic Art of Overwatch Volume 2 and The Art of Overwatch Volume 2 (which is for the game art). It is noted in the Amazon listing description for the upcoming game art book that is says,

“Sneak peek at Overwatch 2”

Now two things to note, Amazon listed release dates are not final and are subject to change. Furthermore the description for the Art Book is also subject to change as well.

The only expected news we have about Overwatch 2 is that more information will be revealed for BlizzConline this February. Remember since this is an all-online convention this year, all panels will be free to watch for everyone and we can expect new details then. However, there is no confirmation of whether there is going to be any sort of Beta available, any sort of playable content to download, or any news if any new content will come to Overwatch between now and the release of Overwatch 2. However, we do know there is definitely going to be no new heroes until the release of Overwatch 2, and with the exception of the recently revealed Kanakaze map for Deathmatch FFA, there is not expected to be any full new maps between now and then.

Again, this book release is not expected to tie in to the release date of Overwatch 2, the game may come out sooner… or later.

For all confirmed facts and developer statements about Overwatch 2. Please see my dev post directory topic by clicking here.

On a side note, I personally already own The Art of Overwatch Volume 1 and I just got my hands on The Cinematic Art of Overwatch Volume 1 two days ago. If you are a video game fan and an artist like me, these are must-own books to have.


I’m excited to see PC get the beta and consoles get “wait a few months” while PC has fun.

As a reminder there was an open beta weekend that was made available for all platforms in early May 2016 before the release of Overwatch. I would also emphasize beta versions are often limited releases of game content, with only certain content available at any given time.

Thanks for the copium FeelsGoodMan

Is this on the Blizzard gear store?

I’ve been meaning to get this but I’ve not seen it in the stores near me and I’m not too keen on using Amazon.

Not seeing it. Ever since the Fantatics take over, it always seems like books like this show up on Amazon first, then the gear store later on.

As a general recommendation, keep a sharp eye for it on Barnes & Noble stores. I found a lot of great Blizzard art books at my local B&N a while back.