Claim your Honor in the Overwatch League Flash Ops: Kanezaka Community Tournament

If this was per rank then it might actually be worth looking at.

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A TDM tournament? In the Overwatches?
A taste of things to come?

Nah, rank system busted.

Still allows more people to compete. How they set this up it’ll be like watching a grown man punch a baby.


Rather would have something that everyone enjoys, that not about winning money.

Because there is no honor in focusing on contently winning.

Why the title is ironic.

If we were allowed to host player made tourneys without the threat blizzard shutting them down it would be a lot more community building.


Yeah… sadly though they have recently done the complete opposite

That money is so very tempting, but alas I am too bad. :point_up: :grimacing:

Are you seeing it as 2,500 or 10,000?

Actually very cheap.

Though comparing it to a local War Thunder tournament that was held about a year ago.

Yall really get pressed over everything blizzard does, huh

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More about how they do it.

If you think even a few thousand dollars is cheap, I truly envy you.


Not really sure what your problem seems to be, but if you don’t want to play, then don’t. There’s literally no downside to hosting a fun competition with a prize for the players.


I’ll sit this one out. Wouldn’t be fair for everyone if I played. ; )


Honestly I don’t know where the mid point is, to be fair.

Don’t have a low reward tourney to compare.

Again…even with the lowest amount of money possible in this tournament, it’s still a few thousand. Most people wouldn’t scoff at that.

The answer is probably obvious, but will this be PC exclusive?


Teams of 4. Hmmm… Road, McCree, Echo, who else?

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With how “Dark Souls” like Overwatch has become…

I would disagree

You must be very privileged to think so.