Cinematic Magic: Inside the visuals and music of Overwatch shorts

Cinematic Magic: Inside the visuals and music of Overwatch shorts

Catch up with members of the cinematics and music teams to discuss what goes into developing visuals and music for animated shorts.

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I want a Doomfist cinematic please, I just need to see him creating chaos and destruction and maybe destroy a skyscraper.


All this without a shirt on…


Add that brig skin and ill be a brig main :sweat_smile: :drooling_face:


what about any news on data center selection?

it’s been 3 weeks, a lot of people waiting for an update :slight_smile: thank you

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Kinda surprised they don’t just have a dropdown

[x] Global
[_] North America
[_] South America
[_] Europe
[_] Asia
[_] Oceanic
[_] Middle East


Uhhhh Doomsurf lmao.

Be nice if they put this much effort into the actual game. By time ow2 drops the player base will be so small we will have to combine with other planets to get enough players.

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This abomination needs to be deleted

This (OPs post) seems like a precursor to a new animated short!

Please be true…

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First blizzard post in awhile and it’s a self praise post.


Why can’t we listen to the Zero Hour soundtrack as well.

Is the soundtrack going to be available on other streaming services other than YouTube?

Additional question, what about the map teaser trailers that aren’t cinematics, like for example Eichenwalde’s Gamescom reveal trailer? Or the music behind Doomfist’s origin trailer from Wolf Smoke Animation Studios?

Yaaaaawn :sleeping: + ratio

Im one of those people who i know for a fact will have no cinematics and zero impact on OW2 story mode and probably will at best have a background cameo.

Like, wrecking ball is too goofy