Chipset Drivers Detected to be Older then Recommended

I don’t understand why during the latest patch OverWatch is continually popping up windows saying its detecting my AMD chipset to be older than what’s “Recommended.” Why is OW attempting to detect stuff like this and automatically crashing the game when it’s operated fine for over two years until this point? This issue has, quite literally, only begun after this patch went live.
CIV5 doesnt crash,
Risk of Rain doesn’t crash,
TF2 doesn’t crash,
Literally no other game, my visual cards, monitors, discord, or anything else crashes EXCEPT OverWatch. Is there any way to prevent OW’s invasive procedures of detecting chipsets nearly half and hour into playing a game and booting me back to desktop? I could completely understand if OW was crashing upon booting, much like any game would if my computer was physically incapable of running it. But the problem stems from the actuality that the game kicks me out half and hour into the game for no preventable reason because it’s randomly checking compatibility well-the-fact during competitive games or arcade.

I can run this game at max settings at 60 frames per second fluidly and the game has the audacity to kick me out saying my computer specs aren’t “recommended” and crash me…excuse me?

Is your computer meeting the minimum requirements? Blizzard Support - Overwatch 2 System Requirements

And is your GPU on the Supported list? Blizzard Support - Overwatch 2 Supported Video Cards

If yes to both, I recommend opening a ticket. If you’re not sure, reply back with your specs and we can help you evaluate.

Regarding the minimal requirements, I meet all these requirements easily.
GPU: GeForce 1070
Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 6-Core
Ram: 16Gb Ram

So other than AMD’s processor being partially incompatible with Windows 8 (which I am aware of), I fail to see why OW would crash midgame when it’s been running properly up to that point. Which I should remind, this has only started happening during this patch and at regular intervals of roughly 15-25 minutes each time.

At this point, I’d say you have been lucky and escaped issues, but it’s probably related to this: Ryzen processor issues