Chengdu Hunters vs. New York Excelsior - FINAL

May Melee • Week 2


Chengdu Hunters
New York Excelsior
LP: 2 (2-0 +5)
LP: 0 (0-0 +0)

Final Score


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Encore Match at 9:30 AM

The score is hidden until the encore presentation is complete.


:smiling_imp: time to farm some tokens

for the Moira skin that will come out in 2035


Today is gonna be AWESOME! First some APAC Overwatch League, then I join WyomingMyst amongst the ranks of those who received his/her first dose of the COVID vaccine (and I will be getting my first dose at the LEGENDARY Indianapolis Motor Speedway), then some more Overwatch League to close out my day. Your Honor, we have reached a verdict, we find today’s schedule to be freaking AWESOME!

Anyway…Hunters vs. Excelsior. As much as I am personally a fan of the Excelsior, I think the Hunters are on top of their game this May Melee. Excelsior won’t go home empty-handed this week, but I think the Hunters will clinch a very close one against the NYXL. I predict 3-2 in favor of the Hunters.

Edit: Wait a sec, who is this Victoria Perez? Nothing against her, just wondering who she is…

Good morning. :coffee:

Vikki has been casting NA/EU Contenders for the past year. She has also casted in Smash tournaments before as well.


I changed my pred to New York winning last minute based on a tweet from Reinforce. I hope I won’t regret it…

Man she is a FIRE caster.

She’s spittin faster than Twista and Busta Rhymes with perfect clarity.


VikkiKitty is clearly a pro at this.

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I should have checked the map pool…

Dorado is one of the best Pharah maps.

I’m never taking pick’em advice from Johnny again.


I now have a newfound respect for Vikki, as she’s casting this match with perfect clarity.

Unfortunately for those of us trying to earn some tokens, the Hunters are turning this into a speed run.


Nepal (Control): Chengdu Hunters 2, New York Excelsior 0

Dorado (Escort): Chengdu Hunters 1, New York Excelsior 0

MATCH SCORE: Chengdu Hunters 2, New York Excelsior 0

NEXT UP: The second half of Hunters vs. Excelsior. The Chengdu Hunters are on MATCH POINT.

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Chengdu are out the Chengdu zone. Not having to play around a Ball OT has worked wonders for them.

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They are assimilating everyone into the Chengdu Zone! NYXL didn’t get a single point throughout the whole match. Damn.

The Hunters pitch the OWL equivalent of a perfect game, and are now almost certain to go to the May Melee.


Nepal (Control): Chengdu Hunters 2, New York Excelsior 0.

Dorado (Escort): Chengdu Hunters 1, New York Excelsior 0.

Temple of Anubis (Assault): Chengdu Hunters 2, New York Excelsior 0.

FINAL SCORE: Chengdu Hunters 3, New York Excelsior 0


My thoughts on this match:


And by the way, this match is supposed to be the ENCORE match being shown at 12:30pm Eastern…

Houston vs Chengdu grandfinals is gonna be wild.


ive joined
going to take to the top 5 next week :smiling_imp:

Next match discussion thread starts here:

Got 3-0’d so fast the comments on this thread hadn’t even reached 20 (as of typing) :joy:


Do we have any data on whether this was the fastest match so far? Or is it still Seoul - Guangzhou?