Cheaters? Can you ban people quicker? Ruining comp

So i have played against the same blatantly aimbotting cheater 3 times over 10 games tonight and im wondering why it takes you guys multiple hours to ban someone?



send them a link to the match so they can rewatch it.

It takes more than one person reporting to determine that someone’s hacking.

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This is exactly the problem, no people should be needed to decide whether a player is cheating.


My friends and I have been noticing a little more cheaters lately. Bestpapa had the correct answer. Covid-19… = school’s out.

The worst parts of this community are not the younger parts


Why cant there be a place where players can look at all the reported players and vote on whether the report is valid or not.

After about 5 people agree (and they have given written reasons why) that the report is valid it then gets sent to blizzard and they can make the final judgement.

This would reduce the amount of reports blizzard would have to go through and the actual cheater/throwers would get banned.

Lots of colleges are closed as well, some students have coding hobbies and now they have lots of free time and can maybe make a buck selling their hacks.

I think their priority is CoD for cheaters b/c there’s way more players over there. Overwatch has never been a priority to stop cheating.

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