"Charity" by Blizzard


If it was a pay what you want scheme I guarantee most users wouldn’t pay anymore than a buck. All proceeds go to charity. Stop whining.

If you truly want to get the skin purely to help the charity, then you should just go direct to their website and donate there.

The only reason you’d be petty enough to complain about the price tag is if you didn’t give a flying [Jeff] about charity and just wanted the skin.


I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the Overwatch community as a whole. Blizzard fosters a massive playerbase, which means you get samples from all sorts of ‘cultures’ of the internet. You’re much less likely to find overall agreeable people in these sort of settings than small niche communities.

There are plenty of good people here. There just happens to be dozens of rotten eggs in the basket of millions.


Who cares man, just 15 euros come on, you dont need to buy it if you dont want to


You people can’t think past the headline. I’m salty not about the charity, I’m salty about people worshiping companies that did nothing exceptional, and because of this people are instead donating through a platform that doesnt even want to match a price when there are countless others who do.


This is literally the 4th thread I’ve seen within half an hour in which interminably miserable little insects like OP are complaining about charities getting money.

It’s disgusting, quite frankly.


There’s no debate to be had, because you didn’t present an argument. You complained about the price of an optional campaign on a public forum then took offense to my response. If my reply upset you then I apologize.

Also, if you were informed on the campaign itself you’d know that you can get the skin for free simply by watching twitch.

That was right there. Right in the announcement. You didn’t even try.

So not only did you complain about an optional charity event, you couldnt even be bothered to read what was actually going on.


Where did I say that, point that out and I’m going to donate 100 quid right now. If you’re incapable of reading, do not participate.


that is all i read in that post


So the people who can’t afford it are insects?


Just dont buy it end of story.


We have people whining basically over every little thing in these forums and the old ones as I have been a member for over half a year and still going.

The very fact that I have noticed more than just one thread and comments like this is giving me the exact impression that there are more unseen rotten eggs who don’t dare to be vocal in risk of shaming themselves.

There shouldn’t be a single thread like this and here we are.


Can you point me to the line where it says anything about the free skin? All I see are sprays and icons?


You can just donate whatever you want to the charity yourself, you know. In fact, here’s the website.


You can donate any amount you want there… But, oh… you want the skin don’t you. So you can either cough up 15 dollars to a good cause, or you can just go without the skin and donate anyway.

Or you can donate nothing and stop pretending you care about donating and you just want the skin.


What a ludicrous strawman.

I said the people complaining about this are insects, not people who can’t afford it. In the words of OP;


Hey Jelly and/or Jam, do you have $15 I can borrow?


So once more, where did I complain about the charity itself and not blizzard, point that out and I’ll donate 100 quid.


Then if you’re so upset about it, go donate using one of those other methods? What is the point of this thread? To complain that nothing Blizzard ever does is good enough?


If you want to donate and get no skin, there is a way for you to do that.
There are streams active right now for the BCRF and you can donate there, all proceeds go to the BCRF.

That being said, the skin IS a premium quality skin, new effects, sound effects, and probably the cutest model to date. You owe the BCRF that $15 pricetag if you want to buy their item AND donate to a good cause.


I wish I did, I would give it to you, but I’m now broke😭

So sorry my friend


People like you actually tick me off because I donate 5% of my monthly income to prostate cancer research. People can’t see that I’m mad how everyone is worshiping a company that put nothing of their own.