Character tuning

Doomfist - rather than ruining his ULT, what about just tuning the amount of armor he gets from using abilities (in addition to modifying the uppercut mobility for enemies).

Symmetra - make her a relevant pick by generating some armor based off turrets attacking enemies, i.e. 1 turret hitting enemy generates 2 armor sec/ with cap of 20 armor total (in addition to her default armor)

The best defense and his ult run on seperate gain values, also armor is the yellow health shields is the blue one

Technically the Hitpoints Doomfist gains are something else entirely from even Shields. They’re called “Barriers.”
I think Lucio’s Ultimate is the only other source of them in the game currently.

Also called temporary shields. Wrecking Ball’s Adaptive Shield & Sigma’s Kinetic Grasp also generate them.

Forgot about those.

Do they all give zero Ultimate Charge for damaging them, or is that unique to Wrecking Ball?

It’s unique to Wrecking Ball.

IMO, Winston’s Primal Rage should not generate ult charge for the enemy either. That would be a much better buff than giving him a stronger barrier.

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Laughs in Sigmas kinetic grasp

No theyre called shield hp, Reinhardt’s “Shield” is actually called a barrier and you can confirm this in game by their descriptions everywhere the blue health is mentioned in a description (Doomfist, Sigma, Wreckingball, Lucio, Symmetra 2.0 shield gen) its called “shields” or “personal shields” while everywhere you see a barrier (Orisa, Sigma, Reinhardt, Symmetra, Brigitte, Winston) its called a “barrier” in all its descriptions the only slight exceptions to this is the names of the abilities where some dont say shields outright in the ability name or refer to it in the ability name as the other or both, and even in those cases the abilities description still labels them correctly as barriers and shields

Fact check yourself before you start correcting others

Edit 1: Gonna add this in here from when they changed the order of the hps to put temporary hp types above permanent hp types, again refered to as shields