Censoring topics: blizzard's way to deal with the sh1tstorm

Good job blizzard, good job

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what topics are being censored…?

genuine question.

The ones about HK. Those I replied to yesterday are all gone.

because those are all against community guidelines, the fact that they let those topics remains for a while was actually a bit weird.

and expect this topic to also get removed, because questioning moderator’s decisions on thread deletion and such are also against community guidelines.

They arent gone unless they completely violated the rules of the forums, if they didnt violate the rules than they were moved to this thread which is acting as a megathread for all the posts to help reduce the amount of individual topics about it on the forums

I think you confuse censoring with cleaning up spam…most threads are just moved to the megathread…yo want to see censorship…check out the Chinese social media sites

Just keep posting new ones and forcing them to take them down or merge them with other threads, it keeps the issue in the public eye and makes Blizzard look even worse. I’m glad people are finally waking up to the abuses of this company on free speech, it has been a long time coming.

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They got merged with the megathread. You should even get notifications for the merging if you replied to those threads.

It’s not because you’re fighting for a good cause that it’s suddenly ok to start lying.

Having a video game discussion forum cleaned up of annoying redundant HK posts is hardly censoring. They would remove a bunch of spam posts about any off topic trend.


Or on topic…see mercy

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Most topics got moved here:

OP’s not really wrong, mega-threads (especially with the whole pageless format) might as well be censorship.

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It’s just spam cleanup…heck the community does more censorship than blizz does with the flagging feature which ACTUALLY does make content unviewable

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I suppose people have different definitions of spam.

As I see it, while some threads are legit spam, every-time a mega-thread situation happens the mods shove completely legit and high effort thread in too. Otherwise, if the definition is just talking about the same topic over and over again, they should be making nerf megathreads as well yet that never happens.

They only do this with very specific topics, topics that are inconvenient for Blizzard. It’s pretty obvious the goal is to kill the conversation.

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Like I said above they also do it for completely relevant topics as well…let’s see…we had several mercy megathread, we have a bastion megathread, a symmetra megathread…

Plus You don’t need 30 different threads all saying the same exact thing…it just becomes spammy

You realize you just named three messy reworks that made people desperately unhappy and Blizzard wanted shut up right? Especially the first?

Meanwhile, where are the role queue mega-threads? Where’s the megathread for the Moira nerfers? Hell, where was the megathread for all the mass rez hatred that led to the rework in the first place?