CE-34878-0 on PS4 - ITS BACK

Just to confirm, anybody still having this exact error message still? We haven’t gotten reports in the last 24 hours. If so, please let me know what you’ve already tried to troubleshoot it and whether or not you have an after market harddrive in your PS4.

I have had the error twice today, both times in mystery hero’s. I’ve been playing about 5 hours.

Got disconnected once during a competitive match but I was able to rejoin this time. What is going on? This all happened after the last update. Now I’m afraid to play the game :frowning:

Just wanted to let you know today I’ve been playing for about 2 hours (mystery hero’s) just got it again. Error CE-34878-0. hopefully you guys can get a fix soon.

Still happening here, I don’t play competitive so I can’t speak for that. It only crashes in mystery hero’s, ps4 pro. I’ve had to switch to quick play where it doesn’t crash.
EDIT: It actually just crashed before POTG on quick play. After ~2 hours that time.

Still trying to look for commonalities for this at the moment. Can anybody having this problem post this information the next time they receive the error for me?

  • PS4 Model:
  • Is the PS4 Stock, Refurbished, or Modified with upgraded hardware? (especially harddrive):
  • Game Mode Played:
  • How long can you play between CE-34878-0 errors?:
  • Any other information you think may be relevant:

Beyond that, please ensure you’ve tried Sony’s troubleshooting for this error and let us know if anything from the list works.



Happening to me every 30-60 mins in Mystery Heroes - don’t know if it happens in other game modes yet as I mostly play this one at the moment. Late 2014 PS4, haven’t installed another hard drive. Sometimes just happens out of the blue but happened just now as I tried to invite someone to my party.

This sucks, makes the game unplayable unless I want to risk screwing my teammates over by getting kicked with this error.

We’ve recently confirmed with another player that a had a different PS4 on their home network with an identical network setup. The second PS4 didn’t have this same error message, which suggests the problem is local to individual consoles. That player had a refurbished PS4 which was throwing this error code.

Do any of you have a second PS4 console that you can confirm this with? Other than that, please provide this information.

3rd time it crashed on me

Error code ce-34878-0

PS4 pro

30 min into Mystery hero

So… this issue was “fixed”, but people are having the same exact issue? I’m confused.


I have a 3 year old PS4, but I dont think its the PS4 since this issue started after the new event was launched. Before that I would play Overwatch for 4+ hours without any issue. I just played Titanfall 2 for 3 hours and didnt have any issues at all, but as soon as I load up a few QP matches in OW and the problem comes up. Maybe the event is the cause of the problem? Have we looked into that?

I don’t think it’s the event… I’ve played it a few times with no issues whatsoever. I also never have any issues within any other games that I play. It’s only when I play a custom or arcade game with random heroes. Then it happens every single game. It’s not a PlayStation issue, it’s an Overwatch issue. I can’t believe this has been going on for a year now with no resolution. “Initializing” my PS4 solves nothing. And no, the idiotic suggestion that it has something to do with it being a refurb PS4 is ridiculous.

just happened,
Mystery hero’s
Modified hard drive (firecuda 2tb) regular ps4
This time the error had about a day between incidences.
I’m sorry I don’t think that multiple people are having the same console problems.

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I honestly don’t even know why we bother asking for help. We are console players. PS is also to blame, since this code seems to be a catch-all error, despite their documentation saying it’s a corrupt save file. It gives Blizzard an easy out to blame it on the PS and not their own game.

I would like to hear a Blizzard developer explain why this error hasn’t been mentioned on the forums since October and now suddenly dozens of PS4 users are having this issue, only with Overwatch and only since the last update. The problem is, they can’t, they won’t and they’ll end up fixing it, like last time. Also, like last time, they won’t acknowledge fixing it…it’ll just go away. In a few months, it’ll come back…they’ll deny all responsibility again. It’s a paradigm that seems to work for them.

The biggest problem is that developers don’t read these forums. Customer support is just doing their job. Their job is to filter out anything from the developers that appears to have another solution, beyond the game itself. When they hear of issues on PC, the first solution is hardware or driver issues. Being a developer myself, this is understandable, but there’s also a strength in numbers. Chances are, if it’s happening to more than 5 people at the same time, it’s an issue. It’s just sad that it can’t be taken seriously until we are dozens of posts deep and weeks/months into dealing with the issue


Here’s a video: www.dropbox .com/s/k2ayd8xr1hhpkl8/Video%20May%2007%2C%2011%2052%2003%20AM.mov?dl=0 (remove the space before .com, since I can’t post links yet :roll_eyes:)
showing how often I’ve gotten this error recently. Yeah, there are a few other errors in there, but It’s a bit ridiculous how many are this error specifically… and it’s after doing everything people have suggested on these forums. Not a refurb PS4, no modified HDD, nothing. Bought a PS4, play Overwatch and a couple other games, no errors anywhere but when I play Overwatch with random heroes. This shouldn’t be that hard to figure out.


This is my very first post on the Blizzard forum, just to also confirm that I also often see this annoying “CE-34878-0” PlayStation 4 issue when playing.

Here’s the info:

  • PS4 model: PS4 Pro. No other PS4 unit in my home.
  • Not refurbished nor modified. I have an external 4TB USB hard drive (I think the game might be installed on it)
  • Game mode played: Competitive.
  • I’ve got the error at least once a day (max twice), since the current archives event update; never had it before. Not sure if this is caused by the Overwatch update or a recent PS4 update. The crash happened most of the time during hero selection at the beginning, although I got it in a middle of a game and during victory pose. I’ve also started playing a lot of PS VR games (only) recently, I don’t think it’s related, but you never know.
  • I don’t have that issue with any other PS4 games.

Please escalate the issue to the developers :frowning: You probably have some monitor systems monitoring those crash issues reported by PS4 players (I usually report those crashes from the PS4 UI). If you see some kind of crash peak on your monitoring graphs since the last update, it’s probably that there’s a problem on your side.

Thanks for looking.

Yesterday, when Apex Legends introduced the CE-34878-0 error into their game, they acknowledge it immediately. Didn’t try to blame the end user or their equipment. They are actively looking into it and may have already patched the issue. Any word on this or are we still in ignore mode?

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Hey all,

We did a fix for an issue causing a large number of spikes in this error on May 7th, 2019. However, we’re still trying to confirm whether or not we can impact this further on our end. It looks like reports of this error mostly stabilized after that patch.

For those who are still affected by the issue, here’s the information we currently need:

• What game modes are you playing?
• Are you using custom game rules? If so, which?
• Does the problem happen on two different accounts on the same console, or just one?

Since the new patch it has been much more stable during the game. I did have 1 crash before potg after the new patch, but it hasn’t crashed during the game yet. I suppose there could be two bugs, but the game is more stable now. I’ll update my post if that changes. Thank you.

Still getting crashes. Happened countless times during the archives event but since the event is gone it’s not as often. Played countless hours of other games and they don’t crash.

Time wise I can roughly get about 2 hours before it crashes.

Have had it during mystery heroes and comp as that’s the only game modes I play.

PS4 Pro with no mod cons and refurbs etc.

It’s sad to see how long this issue has been going on for and not much has been done to resolve it. I made a topic about this about 8 months ago and the fact the same issue is still being discussed now just shows blizzards willingness to help console players.