CC was necessary evil

They need to have listen to Jeff and allowed the game to release when it’s ready and leave the PVP as a early access demo, something to wet the players’ whistles and get feed back, NOT TRY TO SELL PASSES AND SKINS (Sorry don’t know what came over me.)
A full Overwatch 2 with the promised story mode, co-op missions and the usually PVP. They would have pleased more players and made more money and instead the pass we got they could have made a hero pass releasing heroes packed with stages, skins, spray and whatnot, Look how Smash did it, Every fighter came with a stage and a set of music tracks.
OW2 could’ve had every new character come with what I mention and their own story mission for the story mode. But Nooooooooo it has to be a cash grab “service”.
Look Blizzard, I’ll be honest, I’m liking the game so far but I want that Overwatch 2 that Jeff was talking about.

I still don’t get who thought that in a game with so much projectile spam, tube shaped maps, low mobility outside certain characters and few covers, was a good idea to get rid of barriers.

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Idk but i thought, that they wanted to remove all the cc. But now they only removed Meis, Mccree and Brigitte and every other cc stayed. And then the added cc back, with Orisas spear and junkerqueens knife. So i dont understand what the point was to say: “We want to remove all/ a lot cc” and then removing some and adding the same amount back again…

It was actually Jeff’s idea for OW2 to have less CC and to be more like a shooter. Sure, the PVE was his primary work but the current state of OW2 was because of Jeff’s vision.

There was way too much CC in OW1. It slowed the game down way too much as you’d be at constant risk of losing control of your character into death no matter what role you played. No thanks. OW2 is so much better

And another cycle begins. From “remove CC it’s unfun” to “bring back CC, it’s unfun without it”.

Can we pick one and balance it out finally?

Wow really? So many articles twist stuff around.

Nope. Playing Tank is actually fun now as opposed to the BDSM disguised as Tank in OW1.

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The whole game has conflicting design ideas everywhere. In example: barriers existed because hitscan were already too spammy and powerful, It made sense to get rid of them when that patch that nerfed every single dps hit live and they were hitting like wet noodles. What doesnt make any sense is to take barriers out, then decreasing recoil and spread of every weapon and now you have Ashe capable of 2 tapping everybody from across the map.

Another example is that getting CC out may have sense when they were 6 players, so it was already risky to flank, now flankers are running rampant with no CC. Or to nerf all healing in the game then everything mentioned that increases the general damage.


In my opinion, the only person who should get CC back is Brigitte. Her whole purpose, besides supporting of course, is a peeler. She was made to help squash those pesky Tracers and Genjis. It’s funny to me how other certain characters still have a form of CC that’s, again in my opinion, more annoying.

Mei’s freeze might not come back though. I guess people got too cold? Haha. Sorry. I miss it too, kinda.

Flashbang is another one that I feel maybe should come back, EleGrenade doesn’t really fit… unless he’s a space cowboy. And that homing on it is awful, I feel so bad using it because it’s the only thing I can use on him that doesn’t require aim. And he’s supposed to be aim dependent.

She’s highly mobile, (to the point where if she jumps the instant she uses this ability, she literally teleports) has a tiny hitbox, one shots with a gigantic hitbox for said oneshot’s (hitscan) projectile, there are no barriers and there almost no stuns to deal with her ridiculous mobility.

I wouldn’t argue it’s because of the tank, even if it is a factor; she completely dictates the flow of a game on her own, after all.

It also doesn’t help that when you boop tanks, they go basically nowhere…

It’s kinda like counterspells and control in Magic the Gathering.

Annoying? Perhaps. But what would happen if you just removed all the control?

Simple. Players would have little reason not to aggro rush everything.

The answer would always be attack, because the game has devolved into kill them fast before they kill you.

And that is exactly what is happening in OW.


honestly OW2 is just low skill OW1 since everything is just way free’er and easier.

and your point has A LOT to do with it.

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CC were not a necessary evil, they were a bandaid on the systemic cancer of hypermobility that also incidentally made tanking a nightmare and had people stop queuing for the role extending the queue times for everyone.

Now the CC was cut down, but not the cancer of hypermobility. So here we are.


Pass. If we had as much CC in OW2 as we did in OW1 I’d not play the game at all. I’d rather the devs make an actual effort to tune heros appropriately then just quick fix with an effect that has such a domino effect on the game as a whole.

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You could always play COD.

Agreed. its so incredibly chaotic.

Unfortunately cod isn’t a Hero shooter and doesn’t play anything like what I enjoy about OW2. So it’s a non choice.

She wouldnt be any problem in ow1, its literally the changes in ow2 that make her so strong when she is nothing more than a Soldier clone but more reliant on having good aim. Strong? Yes. Dominant? No more than Ashe.