Categories for every competitive mode instead of normal competitive only

I really like the new ability to select competitive and specify a season after it. (There is a bug: You can’t get back to all seasons, but someone already created a bug report for this)

But I would really like it if you would also create categories for the other competitive seasons. It would make the dropdown even cleaner because you won’t have all the I.e 6v6 or open queue seasons in the main dropdown and instead have just the point “Competitive open queue” or “Competitive team deathmatch” and after selecting the specific mode, you get all the seasons like you already did for the normal competitive.

This is an example of the categories:

  • Competitive
  • Competive open queue
  • Competitive 6v6 elimination
  • Competitive team deathmatch
  • Competitive 3v3 elimination
  • Competitive deathmatch
  • Competitive CTF
  • Copa lúcioball