Casual Hanzo Skin

When using the casual hanzo skin the reticle on the bow is missing. Arguably it was one of the best and most unique features since it also had a small amination play out whenever you aimed the bow, as well as no other skins adding that detail to the bow. I noticed this is a problem exclusively acrosss all console players as pc players still have the reticle when using the skin. So perhaps it was something accidently removed way back when the skin was updated to meet player preferences towards the source material and inspiration of the skin via the overwatch comic you guys released. Another possibility could be that it was somehow lost in the transition from the first game to the second. How and why I don’t know. It’s a small issue but neverthelesss an important detail that has gone unchecked for a noticeably long ammount of time. Please look fo fix this small feature of the skin as it doesnt seem right to be buying these skins if they’re going to be glitched out and not even fully functional at all times.