Casual Community LF interested new people

Hi there,

are you looking for someone to play with, maybe even a small casual community?
Unicorn Tears might be for you.

Since no one likes reading too much, here some facts:

  • average age is 26 (18+ community)
  • EU based - international members
  • Casual-fun-random
  • LGBTQIA+ friendly
  • Multi-gaming
  • semi-regular game nights

While some of us do enjoy competitive, the majority of the time we play quick play or arcade together. We love to have fun and chillout.
We get pretty random, loud and weird, it may even happen that some start randomly singing.

Laughter keeps the soul young :slight_smile: if you are interested, come have a look and see if it’s for you.

My discord is Nessie#1240 or add Amo#1111

Us girls are outnumbered. Send help.


To anyone out there that is still interested, this post is still active. You’re more than welcome to message me: Amo#2097 or Nessie at any time. Look forward to hearing form you <3

Unicorn Tears is a small community that is always open for like minded people. If you are interested in having a look, feel free to message me or Amo.
We play more than just Overwatch and often then not it ends up into late night chats :slight_smile:

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Dusting this thread off. As we are looking for some fresh blood :smiling_imp: . Slide in them dm’s.

Girls and the gays to the front! Although everyone is welcome! I’m Amo#1111

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Just a subtle nudge if anyone is still looking for a community to join and game with <3

Poke poke poke… Just moving this up the wall

Hi, I don’t know if this is still active, but I am interested in joining. My discord is Ozymandias#7392.

it very much is :slight_smile: I send you a friend request.

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Hi, i just bought the game and I would like to learn things from people :slight_smile: I’ve played the game a few times before but now I’ve personally got it. I’m 18

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That’s no problem at all, we are constantly learning :slight_smile:

If you have a discord add me under Nessie#1240.
Or my bnet Nessie#22676, but I personally haven’t been playing too much lately, so discord would make it easier for you to find others that do :wink:

hope youre still active ive just sent you both a friend request on discord:) (shielamcweeler#1668)

accepted and messaged out :slight_smile: hope the timezones wont clash too hard.

For anyone else still wondering. We are still active, we are mostly EU and might reply a bit late.

hi is the server 18+? if not i would like to join, cus i have been bit toxic and frustrated lately and i dont wanna be a toxic ow player so im wanna play with some nice and fun people :D. im 17 and my discord is djocho#7568

Heyy, unforunatly we have recently made decision to make server 18+. Apologies, good luck in the future!