Casual backfill needs to be fixed, it's been 3 years and it's still the same


I just got backfilled into a game where the enemy had won one round of koth and had 95% progress on the second round. It shouldn’t be possible to be backfilled into a game that’s over halfway over let alone one that ends less than 30 seconds after I join. This game is way too fast passed for it to be worth backfilling a player so late into a game. Rainbow Six Siege is doing it right, they make it so that players cannot be backfilled into a game after the second round is won. It’s been 3 years, no one cares about getting xp. People care about playing a game from start to finish where they know they at least have a fighting chance.


The main issue is the option to leave games at any point. Also, when you backfill it could be at any point of the match which again not everyone will stay in a started game. If the match is close to ending or on last point of a payload map, people tend to leave as well. There is no real penalty when it comes to leaving any casual game mode


Until all leaving penalties are more sever, backfill is needed

Play with one friend, you will never see it again :open_mouth: