Cassidy new cc magnetic grenade

Yes it has a slow but what people are whining about is not the slow. Its the Hindered part.

And the slow is still a hundred times preferable for non-flankers to what was otherwise an unavoidable trip to the spawn room.

What? LOL

I don’t play much Tracer because I have to play hitscan or defensive heroes to help my team… Wtf… Changing heroes is the most thing I do in this game. I even give my team options… I choose whatever they find necessary at the moment.

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A good Cassidy before this patch should already win most fights against a Tracer or at least prevent her from getting any real value by keeping enough pressure on her. You seem to think the only way to counter something is to outright kill them. While denying them the space to play in their effective range is more than enough. It is basically taking them out of the fight which is basically what killing them would do anyway.

The game is a lot more fun if there is soft counters. Which Cassidy was. Hard counters have never felt good in the game. Seems like you just want an easy win card against flankers to make up for players lacking in skill to hit shots on her consistently enough.


If that’s true then it’s going to be straight up useless.

I didn’t say anything about the hinder effect.

The problem I have with the ability is that it is arguably more dangerous to slow heroes than mobile ones.

Yes, the hindered effect impacts mobile heroes more. (Though some low mobility heroes are also impacted, such as Rein not being able to charge or Pharah dropping out of the sky.)

But landing it on a slow hero is orders of magnitude easier, so will happen MUCH more frequently. And 30% slow on a hero makes it laughably easy to land the follow up head shot, or just two body shots.

I think Magnetic Grenade will be MORE impactful to slow heroes that mobile ones.

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It is not only a movement disabler but a slow.


That doesnt matter.

The issue here is that the grenade was a free win against every other hero in the 200hp range and just a slight threat against flankers like Tracer, if at all. After all, the grenade has more cooldown than most cleanse/disengage flanker abilities.

The change reinforces its anti-flanker intended usage while removing what made it a free kill against everyone else, the massive damage.

Just give him back his old flash. There was counter play to it by staying out of its range and trying to bait it out and dodging it. For the Cassidy it was possible to outsmart and hit it for a guaranteed kill. That was a fine counter flanker mechanic. This is just a dumbed down version of “we want him to kill flankers the easy way with minimal effort or chance of counter play”.

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Yeah, pretty much it. Tracer is annoying but easy to deal with and the battles aren’t unfair. You just need to land a shot and she will Recall and your team will be safe.

Pretty much every hero already counters her. But my struggles are Cass and Ashe…

But they want to get her out of OWL’s meta and T500 leaderboard.

And at the range that it can be used, the slow is nearly unnoticeable. Also my point is that the mobility disabling and the slow are separate effects in a same ability.

If the slow is an issue, removing it doesnt mean the Hindered will go away too. Same with the damage.

In any case Cassidy cant flank reliably, so its mostly a close range reactive ability to someone entering his range. If you are a flanker, you struggle. If you arent, you dont because the slow doesnt do much at that range to save his life or end yours.

They can still escape after the nade starts to home in. Look at Stylosa’s gameplay, the thing moves slow as hell

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For Tracer.

For non-flankers it was an entirely onesided ability, and it was the prime reason why it was removed.

Yes? Did you expect them to give him an ability that is harder to land on flankers? That is how you buff flankers across the board.

Thats a nice thought, except it only crops up when its time defend why Tracer should never have a counterpick.


This right here. Non mobile heroes won’t be in Cassidy’s face so the grenade won’t hurt them.

Monkey, Doom, Rein, Tracer, Genji, Sombra, Reaper, Mei, Brigitte - These characters that get in close to do damage now have something that zones them out.

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Sym, Mei and Junkrat kinda have to. Brig too, most of the time.

And the change benefits them, which is fine. They were never supposed to struggle against grenade as much as Tracer was supposed to be. Thats the entire reason why they removed flashbang: it was a medium threat against Tracer, it was onesided and oppressive against everyone else that didnt have such insane combat mobility and get out of jail ability.

Good symmetras will stay close to their portals so that they can get away in a hurry. I wonder if the status will prevent a teleport? :thinking:

Mei can just panic freeze herself and hope she gets help like she usually does anyways.

Junkrat’s c4 has much longer range and he’s a spammy character anyways :person_shrugging:

Absolutely insane to me that they keep trying to just nerf the damage of Magnade, ignoring that the key issue was never even its damage, it was that it required no aiming. Which it still doesnt! Hope you like being CC’d from around a corner cause Cass pressed E.

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I mean it’s got no hard coded max range now so he could probably bomb long rangers

It wont because its the same debuff that Grav and Sym can TP out of grav. It wont affect Junkrat’s mine either.

Basically any ‘‘external’’ source of mobility like a construct or a self-CC wont be affected. Only abilities that directly move the hero, like blinks and flight.

I assume that Pharah/Soldier self knock backs will not be affected too.

Mei can quickfreeze herself to cleanse. She doesnt need help in this case.

Its the other way around.

If they had removed the homing and kept the damage, it would be only useful to bully immobile heroes.

That they did the reverse, keep the homind reduce the damage, and added an specifically anti-flanker effect, is exactly the change it needed. Make it anti-flanker, it does little against everyone else.

The ability is supposed to be an anti-flanker but it was misdesigned from OW2 day 1.

It does, technically. It will only fly a second, so there is a maximum distance it can travel when you throw it, even if it locks on someone.

Your intellectual limitations aren’t my problem

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