Cassidy flash is broken XDD

Yeah this is such a miss.

They need to stop trying to make this work. Get rid of magnetic grenade entirely and give him an ability that makes sense for him.

They upped it with the patch, didn’t they? It doesn’t have a limit anymore.


that what makes it fk broken

and where in earth is this balance that if it hits you,you cant translocate back ???
thats same as stun in ov 1
you just call it hindered XDDD


sombra and magnetic grenade of doom :face_holding_back_tears:

Maybe cree is good vs sombra once more.

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I’m sorry what…? There’s no range? That doesn’t make sense.

This is the patch notes. I’m not confident in how I’m interpreting it so please tell me if you’re interpreting it differently - you’re probably right and I’m probably wrong lol

Continuing the discussion from Overwatch 2 Retail Patch Notes - June 13, 2023:

in a way he is like sombra now so they should have just changed his name to McSombra

so far it hasnt been that bad but there were two instances where it messed me up. one of those was pretty crucial so yea that sucked. i dont know tho, the damage is lower so …but if your caught in a team fight and then focused your screwed lol.

im always just hoping he used it already

(as sombra i mean)

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You can throw it very far. But will have to look up like 50 degrees and throw the slow moving thing. It will certainly still be used as a close range ability. The travel time and insane arch is too much to be useful at range.

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Yeah this is incredibly stupid. I don’t see how they can be so determined to make this ability more and more annoying each time.

Anything other than just a standard grenade that bounces a few times or has a timer and a decently wide explosive radius with none of this magnetic nonsense or cc baked into is a bad idea.


I was stood at the far platform on junkertown and our cassidy launched his grenade all the way onto the balcony of the attackers spawn room



They’re doing their best work…

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It doesnt stun at all. How can it possibly stunlock you? Do you know what stunlock means?

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It feels bad to use and bad to play against, they should bring back mc cree from ow 1 his nade was the only good version, make ults unaffected by stun and gg

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The range is 1.5m. The effect is just delayed to compensate for “favor the shooter” type mechanics on projectile.

Rather than have it attach instantly, they instead give you time to use escape abilities to avoid this. Y’all really complain about stuff that work in your favor.

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Give us back DPS Doomfist. When they were first talking about reworks they were saying “we want tanks to be the only ones with impactful CC as an ability”. So they moved Doomfist to tank, removed freeze, removed flash grenade CC but ignored Ana so I said “ok np”. Now McCree is back to having his OW1 stun grenade but buffed in both damage and range. Give me back DPS Doomfist and let me wreck havoc like I used to.


i would say just remove ov 2
and give us ov 2 back
pve is pay to play
the real pve is gone
and they slowly bring back everthing from ov 1

i wouldnt be suprised if the bring back old emp and 5 sec hack back

Am I witnessing a Sombra player getting a taste of their own medicine? Welcome to the show.

However, I do think the 30% slow is overkill. A very brief movement lock for only half a second (while still being able to turn or shoot) would suffice instead of the slow. Also, I have no idea how long the mobile ability lockout lasts for. If it’s longer than 3 seconds then yeah that’s a problem.

bruh you really comparing hack with this ???
you are just …
its just a hate on sombra

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Sombra mains losing their minds and having manchild tantrums over being hit back with a partial hack is the funniest thing ever.